Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you really? -Hacking Parenthood

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you really? -Hacking Parenthood

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you really?

Are you looking forward to Christmas? Are you really? -Hacking ParenthoodYou thought OCTOBER was a hard month keeping up with the jones and their kids. Or is it Mr and Mrs Pinterest and their kids.

Autumn activities, pumpkins and dressing up. That’s nothing compared to what is going to hit you when the 24 days before Christmas hits you.

Christmas. A time of giving and sharing. Or is it taking? I’m not too sure anymore. Just scroll through a few Facebook mummy groups and that could make anyone feel like you have to up your game. One present for your child is so 1904. We are in the 21st century and you need to buy those toys that you can’t afford. Just to watch them being discarded by January. Unless you got your dear 4yr old the latest phone, then you’ve got a year before they realise they can have a better phone.

That’s just Christmas Day. Let’s rewind all the way to December 1st. Get out your advents, get out the elf you hate and start searching Pinterest for Christmas inspired activities to drag you through this time.

Forget that running a household take 24 hrs in a day. That’s sort of stuff is meaningless around Christmas. You can handle it. Meeting your family friends that want to see you before the year ends. Preparing all sorts of meals leading up to Christmas. Oh, don’t forget Thanksgiving. American traditions are creating their way into the UK.

The actual Advent calendar every mum should get. (Etsy)
Advents are not what they used to be. You can’t just give your child a chocolate a day! No no no! Get proper presents for the day. Wrap and stack them. Books are popular. I’m sure you don’t have enough books. Add 24 books per child. And a special one for Christmas Day. So that’s 25. If you have 4 kids. That’s 100 books needed before you have even reached December.

100 books are nothing compared to all the presents you need to buy for your kids. One is not enough in this new age of giving and taking. Present numbers can range from 5 to 50 per child. That’s just from mummy and daddy. You wait till the grandparents get involved.

Elf on the shelf is every parent favourite naughty shit. Or not. Yes for the first few days, then you forget to do anything and have to wake up in the morning before your kids and mess up a place in the house just so you can clean it up to do another one when you are tired AF. It’s all good. Super mums have super powers and have all the energy for this.

During the day you need to keep your kids entertained with Christmas activities. Nothing like what you usually do. Get that cotton wool out and make those snowmen. Your family are relying on you to get your kids to create works of art to keep in a draw for the rest of their lives.

It’s not all bad. You have mummy’s Christmas trick. You’ve heard of the naughty list. Well, share your story of the naughty kids, this is usually aided with the help of ‘elf on the shelf’ being a spy. Anyone think that that is a bit weird having an elf constantly watch your children with their approval. Kids fall for this story. Parents use it often to get their children to ‘act’ good.

Who’s excited for Christmas? I mean who’s excited for wrapping everyone’s present’s, maybe even your own. Cooking all the meals needed for the Christmas parties. Getting up in the middle of the night to change elf’s position.

Getting those daily presents ready.

Go on! You can do it. You are super Mum.

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