Makeup and why I don't -Hacking Parenthood

Makeup and why I don’t -Hacking Parenthood

Makeup and why I don't -Hacking ParenthoodI have tried many times to create art on my face. I have seen so many people do it so well and have had a lot of practice. Every time I tried to put makeup on, I would feel a little bit like a clown. I probably looked like one. This was the beginning of me starting to realise that I didn’t actually need make-up.

I saw makeup everywhere, almost every woman I knew wore it. I thought that was what I had to do.

Maybe if I did learn to wear makeup I would be in a different position. I hope I would have still come to the realization that I didn’t need it.

Have you ever thought how odd make-up is? Even skin tone, rosy cheeks, long lashes. Is this really how everyone is supposed to look. The reason I ask is when I see people not wear makeup, I don’t see perfect even tones and rosy cheeks. I see beautiful uneven tones, and beautiful lines and sometimes a spot here or there. I see what we are too scared to show.

We cover all this up with makeup. We are so used to seeing people with make-up that some women have never experienced a day without make-up on. This is truly awful. We are so scared to look at our faces for fear that there will be a visible wrinkle or a pale face. Cover it up quick so that we don’t see the beautiful truth. I mean beautiful because a bare face is beautiful.

I don’t want to cover my smiling eyes, I want to know and learn about all the marks on my face.

If more women were proud of there faces, then that would start to spread, and other women can start to feel that their faces don’t need to be covered because we all have the same problems. Maybe the so-called problems can be just what is normal and not be called problems.

I don’t want to cover my smiling eyes, I want to know and learn about all the marks on my face. I want to be proud of them. Proud that I am human because that is what we are. We are all human and suffer similar things in different ways.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear makeup. What I do want is most people to be able to walk around somedays without makeup and still be proud. Knowing that the marks on their faces are what makes them beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we change the belief that a perfect face is clear to a beautiful face has a story and the story needs to be shown to other women so that they can share their story.

So when you see someone not wearing makeup, tell them they look beautiful. This will also help you stop seeing the problems and start seeing the beauty in a makeup-free face.

I also say no to shampoo here and no to tampons here.