How about making Christmas Extra Special -Hacking Parenthood

How about making Christmas Extra Special -Hacking Parenthood

How about making Christmas Extra Special -Hacking ParenthoodHow about making Christmas extra simple.

As I scroll through my Facebook, I see all sorts of ways to make your kids really feel like this is the month where mummy works extra hard. Make Christmas feel extra special for your little sweethearts.

What about making Christmas simple and taking the pressure of the mamas. Stop the crazy advents. Stop the elf on the shelf. Stop stressing out. All you need is a tree with a few presents underneath and your children will be excited.

No need for the extra bits. They create too much waste that you just don’t need in your life.

When I was a child, we had a Christmas tree up with presents underneath. I had a simple advent calendar that I got a tiny little chocolate in every day. That was enough to bring the excitement for Christmas.

One Christmas, I found my mums stash of advent chocolate and I think I ate them all in one go. I hid the wrappers in my dolls house, hoping they wouldn’t be found. I was wrong. I knew from then I really enjoyed eating lots of chocolate.

Aside from that, we need to bring Christmas back to just being the time you spend with your family. A couple of years back on my husbands’ side of the family, we decided to not give each other presents. Only give the kids presents. This took out a lot of stress from Christmas. It was so freeing.

We still do that now. Imagine not having to worry about all the money that you don’t have and spend it on things that you can’t afford for people that probably don’t need them. All that stress that it seems ‘society’ wants you to have.

As for my daughter, we only get her one gift, it might be 2 as she gets older. The whole idea is to have that excitement but not overdo it. I’ve seen images on Facebook of parents overdoing it. Plastic toys galore that I could guarantee won’t be in the house by the next Christmas due to it taking up too much space or they don’t play with them.

The problem is that we need to stop using Christmas as an excuse to buy a bunch of crap that we don’t need and that will probably end up in the top at some point.

Instead, think of items that can biodegrade and won’t harm our earth. Wooden toys, alternative things like fabric sandwich wraps or fabric kitchen roll. Let’s start thinking about the future instead of just things we don’t need for a day that could be less stressful. Here’s a post about some ideas to help you gift with the environment in mind.

If you don’t think plastic is a problem then take some time to watch the documentary ‘The Plastic Ocean’. Let’s learn how we could help our planet. Let’s begin with Christmas.

See my previous post about Christmas and why we need to start thinking about it.

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