Manchester, thank you for showing the love -Hacking Parenthood

Manchester, Thank You for showing the love. -Hacking Parenthood

Manchester, Thank You for showing the love.

I’ve not said much about the Manchester bombing, mainly because I can’t stop thinking about not only those young kids but also the young kids all over the world that have to die at the hands of the people in charge. I dont usually post about things like this, but I feel I really have something to say. Seeing the stories about how people are stepping up and helping where they can, has kept up my thoughts that there will always be good people, no matter what.

Whether it’s our people bombing them or they bombing us. It’s starting to feel a bit like a bully situation at school. Us against them. Except this school is the world and we are all part of the same one. What do we when a child is bullied in school, do we teach them to fight each other until one person wins? No, we don’t. So what’s the difference here? The UK and the USA and many other countries began a war against the Middle East. We are to blame. I say we, I really mean the leaders and money makers of war.

Us the people are falling for their tricks. Divide the nation and conquer. Put fear into every human being so that they agree with every tactic that will be used in war. Make them agree that it’s ok to bring the military onto the streets. It’s bad enough having the threat of what many people call ‘terrorist’. Now, we have the threat of the government using armed men to intervene at any given point. I saw one of my friends post about armed men outside of Leeds University.

So many of these people that have been causing terror are born and bred in this country. What does that say for the people of this country? To make grown men hate the people they have grown up with so much that they are willing to take their own life. Hate doesn’t come very easily, but it can move very fast. Hate is not innate, it is created. Created through fear. Fear of the unknown. This fear is in the media around us, constantly telling us that we should be scared all the time. Scared of our neighbour. If we are scared of our neighbours then we have already lost.

A great message I have seen recently has been to find the helpers in times of tragedy. Always look for these good people, they will change your heart and help you fight with love. We must remember that we are all part of this world, no matter where we were born. We need to see through the fear that is portrayed in the media and help change the message.

We need our children to know that hate and fear is something that can easily spread through the media. Let’s show them where to find the love and courage. We need to be strong for them, so they can be strong for the people around them.

Teach about love and kindness and how we should all frown upon hate. Hate is not worth it. Learn from the people who have shown love instead of hate.

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Manchester, thank you for showing the love -Hacking Parenthood