Why are men more minimalistic than women? -Hacking Parenthood

Why are men more minimalistic than women? -Hacking Parenthood

Why are men more minimalistic than women? Men have less attachment to things than women in general. I’m not saying every single man and every single woman, there are always people on either side of an argument. In general, a man is more likely to have fewer things than a woman. Why? Why is it that when you start to date, it is usually the girl that wants to add more things to the man’s house. You know the story, he needs those cushions on the couch and extra decorative pillows on the bed. Women’s touch.

Why are men more minimalistic than women? -Hacking ParenthoodWe could look into childhood. The difference between girls and boys in childhood can give us an insight into the future. Usually, girls are encouraged to play with dolls and dolls houses more than boys, they are encouraged to have tea parties with their friends, have diaries to write in. Help with baking and wear all sorts of clothes. These things are all about the materialistic world. Dolls that have accessories, dolls houses having all the furniture and furnishings it needs, full sets of crockery for the parties and baking. Dresses, skirts, accessories and shoes. Plenty of all these items to make a happy little girl. Don’t forget the massive handbag for all sorts of thing ‘ladies’ need.

Boys have play cars, blocks and action men. No need for accessories because these are items that you just play with, no need to change your action mans clothes.  Boys are encouraged to keep things simple and useful.

We are already ingrained with this idea from a young age that woman decorates the house, themselves and everything around them with the latest trends to constantly have that feeling of being happy with the latest things. Men tend to have cars and gadgets to keep them wanting in the trend materialistic world. It’s not our fault because this is what was encouraged.

How many times in the past have you as a woman gone to a new boyfriends house and started assessing what things can be brought in to the house can have the woman’s touch. What does ‘woman’s touch’ even mean. Pillows? placemats? Things that women have grown up to believe they need. Men haven’t had this lifelong training of house ‘stuff’. So when a woman comes along, she knows exactly what to do to make the house ‘woman’ friendly.

**I am using the term ‘men’ and ‘woman’ in a generic way. Somes times these roles are reversed. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.**

I  had a long journey to move away from this idea that I am here to decorate the house so it is acceptable for society. My husband is very minimalistic in a very non-caring way. ie. he didn’t have to try to be minimalistic, he just is. This is what got me thinking about the reasons why we are the way we are.

Society encourages us to be this way. It keeps people focused on spending the money in the right departments. Woman want to shop for clothes and furnishings and men keep up to date with technology and clothes. In a general family setup, this is usually the case. It is all focused on spending money. That’s the key.

So we need to move away from the gender roles that encourage spending. It’s ok to not have the latest trendy item. How about having something that lasts a bit longer than a season and swapping it for something that lasts a lifetime. Like adventures and new scenery. Day outs that you will never forget. Life at home can be simple, you just have to move away from the spending. Spend less and live more.

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