Mental health discrimination, why aren't we angry. -Hacking Parenthood

Mental health discrimination, why aren’t we angry. -Hacking Parenthood

Mental health problems can really have a big effect on a person. This is an illness that is invisible, and hard for people to understand. Now, let’s add pregnancy into the mix. Pregnancy can make even the calmest and sane woman become anxious and depressed. The hormones are completely out of whack. Most of the time, a woman who suffers from depression, of thinks that during pregnancy, they are struggling alone. When in fact, every woman has similar feelings whether or not they have a mental health problem.

Depressive illness occurs in around one in 10 new mothers in the year following the birth of their baby. Most will only have mild depression, but some develop a severe depressive illness. Other mothers develop severe mental health problems such as postpartum psychosis (a rare psychiatric illness affecting one in 1,000 women who have a baby) and require specialist help.

So I got a message from my friend after she went to go pick up her prescription for her depression, she had told me that she just had the worst experience at the doctors and I asked her what happened. This was her reply:

“Well, I dropped my repeat request in a few days ago. The lady that I have it to was in tonight and said it wasn’t there. After I explained that I dropped it off and gave it to her she checked my records and it said I wasn’t allowed anything. So the doctor hadn’t updated my records. (They could have called and told me that was the case) Now I’m completely out and didn’t have anything. She said I needed to make an appointment to see the doctor so I can actually get my repeat. But next available appointment was in two weeks.
I said that wasn’t acceptable as I’m out and was under the impression I was on an automatic repeat. She then turned around and said that there was nothing she could do I would have to wait till my appointment.
I then explain the severity of the situation should I be off my medication. And she turned around and said that I would survive until. It not like your going to die.
I finally flipped out and she then managed to get me my medication slip. But the. Said i still needed to see the doctor regarding a repeat. As he took me off because he didn’t want me on them due to the pregnacy.
I flipped again and said I will not be coming back as this was an utter joke. And she turned round to me and said go, we don’t need your kind here anyway! I asked her what she meant by that and she said mental unstable woman!”

I was utterly shocked, that a woman, no matter her circumstances, was treated like this. There is a massive problem, 1 in 4 people and 1 in 10 children suffers from mental health issues. We can’t turn a blind eye to this.

Have you ever being treated the wrong way while trying to deal with mental health issues.

Mental health discrimination, why aren't we angry. -Hacking Parenthood