Minimalism in the home but not in the fridge -Hacking Parenthood

Minimalism in the home but not in the fridge -Hacking Parenthood

Minimalism. The art of using and having only what you need. I try practice minimalism every day with the choice I make. I choose not to buy many items that if it was a year ago I probably would have.

Minimalism in the home but not in the fridge -Hacking Parenthood

Minimalism is a journey that doesn’t happen in a day, as you go through your journey you let go of more things that you thought you needed. It frees your mind.

So what about food? Well, my fridge is always packed with fruit and veg. It doesn’t have an ounce of minimalism. My fruit draws a full of fruit that will get eating throughout the week. I don’t believe minimalising food is a good idea. I love food and creating dishes that I can enjoy. Many times I wonder if I could minimalise food. Make extremely simple dishes. I heard of people eating mono meals, like just a bowl of beans. Or just tomatoes. I see the idea, it’s just that I struggle with it.

I like to have my plate full of different flavours so my body enjoys eating. Especially since becoming vegan, I’ve become far more adventurous with my food choices. It’s like I was closed off to a whole world of tastes that I was restricting myself from eating due to the choice of eating animal products. There was more food bailable to try now that I cut animal product out, my stomach had more space for the good stuff. Always full of nutrients and vitamins.

I’ve become far more adventurous with my food choices

I guess I’m not ready to minimalise my food. I’m happy to have a fridge so full of vegetables that I can’t think when I open the fridge.

In the future I plan to be mostly raw vegan, as I believe that our bodies are at its best when it can source its nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially as I begin to age, this will be the most important time to nourish my body. I probably won’t minimalise my food choices either.

Plant food should be eaten in abundance as they are very low in calories so you need to make sure you sustain yourself well. Moving away from animal products can help your body to start to repair the damage caused by these animal products.

Come to think of it, in some way I have minimalised my food choices in such a way that I’ve have increased the amount of food. When you do remove animal products from your diet your taste buds start to change and you start to enjoy fruits and vegetables that you didn’t enjoy before.

Eating a plant-based diet has minimalised my impact on this earth and helped me towards a more compassionate lifestyle which in turn helps me be happy.

Here is a guide to move to a more plant-based diet.

Do you minimalise your food? What sort of meals would you eat?