Mummy friends v. Pre/non-baby Friends -Hacking Parenthood

Mummy friends v. Pre/non-baby Friends -Hacking Parenthood

If you are anything like me, I spent my pre-baby stage working in pubs and having a great time. I’m not saying I’m not having a great time now, I love being a mum to my daughter. What I’m talking about, is that feeling where you don’t have a care in the world, life is great and also a bit tipsy. The tipsy part is the unusual bit of my life at the moment. I don’t go out at night often. It’s easier staying in. Sometimes going out happens, and it can be great.

I recently went out on a whim with my daughter and husband to a very local pub, close enough to pop home and get some food for my daughter. Usually, I don’t tend to go to the pub because my little one would try to go everywhere except stay around me. It’s the stairs she likes, up and down the stairs. This can get very tiring as you can imagine. Which in turn makes the trip to the pub not worth the effort.

This time was different, she listens when we say don’t go to the stairs. She loves dancing to the music that is playing (choose your own music on a jukebox). She has loads of our friends to play with. I say our friends, as these aren’t friends that have kids. These are pre/non-baby friends. I tend to forget that they exist. These are people that are happy to spend loads of time entertaining my little one.

The difference between mummy friends and pre-baby/non-baby friends is:

Mummy friends: They have one or more little ones to look after. They are constantly interrupted by their kids. They have to leave at any given time, mid conversation. They are not relaxed. They probably haven’t slept at all the night before. We talk about everything baby. These things are not bad things, it’s just things we have to deal with.

Pre-baby/non-baby Friends: These people are excited to see your little ones. (I’m not saying my mummy friends aren’t excited to see my little one, it’s just that they probably have had a tough day and won’t spend more than a few minute playing with my daughter and Visa Versa). They are relaxed and happy to just enjoy the evening. They don’t have to leave. They talk about non-baby related things.

Something I really recommend, go out with a group of people who all don’t have kids, or have older kids that can look after themselves. They will play and entertain your little one so you can enjoy yourself and have a laugh. This probably won’t happen every time, but it was worth it. A little break for hubby and I to let our hair down.

When was the last time you went out with non/pre-baby friends?

Mummy friends v. Pre/non-baby Friends -Hacking Parenthood

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