My Planned Home Birth- Hacking Parenthood

My Planned Home Birth- Hacking Parenthood


The day before I had a pretty normal day, going to the Breastfeeding group in the morning after doing yoga and making a juice. I rode my bike to the group as it was easier to ride my bike than to walk as I suffered from pelvic pain.

The next morning I woke up to do some yoga, as I usually do and struggled every time I did a position that I was upside down. I was a bit uncomfortable. So I made a juice and sat down to relax. Kris had decided that today was the day to tidy up ready for the birth, except it was happening!

I called my mum and told her I had a few cramps but didn’t think anything of it, texted my step-mum, and she told me to ring the midwives. This was all happening about 11 am. I rang the midwives to say that I was having cramps and they told me to time it. I had been practising hypnobirthing, so was breathing through each cramp. After an hour of timing them, they were coming every 5-6 minutes. I rang the midwives back to say what was happening and they said they would send someone over, but that it would be in a couple of hours. Kris was running around trying to sort out the living room, blow up the birth pool, fill it with water. The midwife didn’t arrive until 2 pm, and needed to do a check up to see how far I was.

I was 4cm, labour had begun! She had to call for the gas and air to be delivered. Kris had run a bath for me while he was getting the pool ready. I managed to stay in there for about 30min. Things were moving along, finally, at 3 pm the pool was ready. I tried to relax in the pool, but struggled, since I couldn’t lie down and had to keep my head up.I started the gas and air in the pool. So, got out of the pool, and onto the white couch, this was 3.30pm.

This is where I started feeling quite a lot of pressure and wanted it all to just stop. At this point, I felt like I want the ambulance to take me to the hospital and give me an epidural. Kris asked me if I wanted him to read the script that I had listened to for the past 3 months every night (hypnobirthing). I said no, as I was preoccupied! He ignored me and started reading. At this point, I suddenly felt relaxed amongst all the pressure in my body. I had something to concentrate on. The midwife had mentioned that she will do another check up at 6 pm to see how things are looking.

It was time to push, 4.20pm, the midwife checked me and I was 9-10 cm. Once I started pushing, I felt all the pain disappear and it felt so good to push. While pushing, my waters had broke and the midwife had noticed a little bit of meconium in the water. When I asked if I could get back in the pool to carry on pushing, she said we have to wait for the second midwife to arrive. She didn’t arrive till 5.03pm.

Our beautiful child was born at 5.09pm.

A newly mother and father looking at their newborn baby that was just born
The most beautiful moment, looking at our newborn baby!

I did skin-to-skin straight away and opted to wait for the placenta to come out with no injection. Chose to not have the vitK injection as we were confident that I had enough in my system for her. We kept her on the cord for as long as possible. I couldn’t stop crying. Kris was so happy.

We had to go to the hospital for the night for observations because of the meconium.

A newborn baby wearing bright pink with a white hat, sleeping in a car seat.
Fast asleep on her first journey in a car.

Kris’s mum had come to take us to the hospital as we dont have a car. Once I had a shower and got cleaned up, drank a date smoothie, and the midwives had left. We put our beautiful daughter in the car seat and made our way to the hospital. The first night, we didn’t get much sleep as we only had the small hospital bed to sleep in between the 3 of us. At one point we didn’t actually know what to do with our crying baby. The midwife had popped in and gave us a few pointers, like check her nappy, feed her.

Kris’s step-dad picked us up in the morning so we could start our life with our beautiful girl.


My Planned Home Birth- Hacking Parenthood