What you need to pack for Backpacking through Europe -Hacking Parenthood

What you need to pack for Backpacking through Europe -Hacking Parenthood

What you need to pack for Backpacking through Europe -Hacking ParenthoodWhat you need Backpacking through Europe

So our first three months of our long-term travel will be backpacking through Europe. We will be camping and staying in Airbnb type places. This means we need to pack for camping and travel.

It can be very daunting thinking about putting your whole life into a couple of bags. As a child and even now I would struggle to pack a small bag. I hated the feeling of not having something I needed. If I didn’t pack that one top I would feel very frustrated if I wanted to wear it while I was away.

I have since changed my thinking on clothes and changed my wardrobe to match my minimalistic lifestyle. Finally, I am ready to only have a few items of clothing to travel and feel comfortable.

Each one has a link to either Amazon or Etsy affiliates to help you on your journey to backpacking.

Backpack. Long-term travel calls for a decent backpack that will last as well as fit your life into.

Day bag. This can either attach to the backpack or be folding and packed into the backpack.

Packing cubes. These will be smaller block bags that will help desperate clothing and other items. This is helpful when you have to also carry kids clothing. This means it can be easily identified and easy to pack and unpack.

Tent and mattress and sleeping bag. These are essential for family camping stays. We still want to be comfortable.

Cooking and eating equipment. Do pots, bowls and cutlery. This will also be minimal. We don’t need the kitchen sink.

Super absorbent towels. Towels that won’t take up much space in the backpack but also can dry you when needed.

ClothesAn extremely minimal wardrobe is required when travelling. You need to think about layering up to get warm. So having a top and a huge jacket won’t help as you will either be cold or too hot.

Start with a short sleeve top, long sleeve top, jumper, jacket and waterproof. This way you have different levels of warmth and can flow through each level with ease.

These items must be easy to clean and easy to dry.

It can be very daunting thinking about putting your whole life into a couple of bags.

Flops, sandal and boots. Flops for those camping shower experiences. Sandals for the hot days and boots for the cold. We will be Tavel through Europe in the summer so might not even need boots. (Maybe an update is needed)

Cables and electronics. Laptops, phones, iPads, chargers, batteries. For the modern nomadic family, these are usually very important. As most families get their income online.

Snacks. Always need some snacks, especially when travelling with kids. We will be travelling with a 3 yr old so snacks will Be extremely important.

Toiletries. Basic toiletries. Using soaps instead of the huge bottle of shampoo is helpful to you and the environment. Using the natural product for deodorants and body lotions can also help as they are usually friendly to the environment. Women don’t forget your menstrual cup or cloth pads.

Torch. This can be a headlamp or handheld torch. Either way, you will need it.

A safe place for passports and other documents. Either a secret pocket in the bag or a waist wallet that lies underneath your clothes. You will also want copies of all passports and documents.

These are the main thing that you will be packing in your bag. Have you gone backpacking before? Is there anything I could be missing.

As well as a blog post, it is a list for me to remember, and what better way for me than to just share my list.

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