I wore one outfit for my whole holiday in Brighton. -Hacking Parenthood

I wore one outfit for my whole holiday in Brighton. -Hacking Parenthood

I wore one outfit for my whole holiday in Brighton. Technically, there was one day which I wore shorts instead of my jeans as my jeans needed to dry after being washed. Got some tips at the end of this post if you want to start your journey to the perfect outfit.

When I was a child, I would go visit my dad every other weekend. I needed to pack all my clothes that I needed for the weekend. I would pack almost all my clothes I had. Always too scared to leave something that I might need while I was away from the access of my bedroom. Two nights and three days and I think I packed for about a month looking back. When packing for a weekend, I would always struggle to choose what I would wear for each day. What if it was cold? What if it was hot? What if we were going out? What if someone saw me where the same outfit 2 days in a row? What if I wasn’t in the mood for that outfit?

It wasn’t until I had found minimalism in my late twenties until I could understand the power of a capsule wardrobe. After minimising my possessions, I worked on my closet. I had so many items of clothing that most days I didn’t even know what to wear. Once the purging began, I started to feel a sense of peace or excitement. Whatever it was, I was feeling great. As the next couple of months unfolded, I would get rid of almost 80% of my clothes. As I sit and write this blog, I couldn’t even name you anything that I got rid of. There is nothing that I miss or wish I had. Everything in my closet now is what I need and love. Clothes to wear without worry. By that, I mean, I practically know what I will wear that day, if not it would be a choice between two items.

Recently, I went on holiday to Brighton. I had packed a variety of tops, one pair of jeans, one pair of short, boots, sandals and a scarf for my hair. This was a holiday for a whole 7 days. This amount of clothing is unheard of to my younger self. Even wearing the same clothes the next day is unheard of, almost strictly forbidden. Not anymore. My sanity has trumped my urge to worry about which stranger will see me again in the same outfit.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel very stylish and I am in love with each piece of item I own. I would happily wear them every day. They still feel new to me.

Your new favourite Jumper (Etsy)
Vintage everyday Jeans (Etsy)

So how can you find that perfect outfit to wear almost every day?

If you haven’t already, look into minimalism. Start practising minimalism. The beginning stages of practising minimalism is the idea to let go of the fear of losing and not having items. Letting go is the most important aspect of having a minimalistic lifestyle.

Minimalise you wardrobe with your new found art of letting go. Those old shorts that you keep and never wear out because they don’t fit, get rid. That 90’s top that was so cool once and now only gets worn when you haven’t done all your washing, get rid. Let go of these items. They are clogging up your mind.

Start zoning into your favourite items of clothing. By favourite, I mean the pieces of items that stand out every day as the ones you want to wear, and kinda sad when they need to be washed. See here why I choose one outfit for the season.

Then pick one or two outfits that will be your main items. This way you will always know what you will be wearing most days, and that will be your favourite clothes. So no need to worry about how you will feel in them.

I wore one outfit for my whole holiday in Brighton. -Hacking Parenthood

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