The difference between girls and boys, and why we should call them all just children. -Hacking Parenthood

The difference between girls and boys, and why we should call them all just children. -Hacking Parenthood

The difference between girls and boys, and why we should call them all children.


Boys are tough, girls are fragile. Really? Do you think it has anything to do with how society perceives girls and boys?

We tend to complain about how woman are treated in society. We don’t get equal pay, we are said to be the weaker sex. We just want to be models or princesses. Our only dreams are of marriage and kids. We do you think these messages come from. We can try so hard to say to our girls what is true and what is not, but when the message is everywhere. How do you make sure it is not the message that is absorbed.


Now that I’m a mum of a girl, I get infuriated with the messages that girls are sent. Right from the word go. Little girls should be covered in rainbows and unicorns. Covered in sparkly glitter. Wearing dresses that they can’t walk in or play even properly in. They should be protected and be prepared for being a mother only. An object of desire to a man. Little girls are called pretty, and a told to wear pretty dresses to stay pretty. They are taught to be ‘lady-like’. What is ‘lady-like’? Doing things in a way that make you seem more feminine and fragile. Just what a ‘man’ wants. Start them young.

These messages are the most obvious in your local clothing store. It is so easy to pick out which side is girls and which side is the boys. Girls side is usually pink and purple. Every other colour goes to the boys’ side. This is the wrong message. Girls are just as tough and smart and creative as boys. We need them to realise this so that they can be who they need to be without society telling them, no.

Boys are meant to be adventurous, think outside the box, be free, no constraints. This is great, but why just boys. Girls have the same instincts to be adventurous and should be encouraged to think outside the box.

In my opinion, up till a certain age, there should be no gender distinction between girls and boys, they should just be call children. What does it matter that you have a girl or a boy? The child you bring into this world should be confident to be who they need to be, regardless of what their gender is. Clothes should be aimed at children as a whole. Not have separate messages for girls or boys. The messages we share with our children are the messages they will take with them into to adulthood. What we say will be their little voice in the background. I want my daughter’s message to always be, ‘You can do it’. No matter what society says. You are strong and powerful. You can achieve whatever you want. Whether that is to be a high flying business woman or a stay at home mum. Do what you want and be proud.

No Gender. Just children!

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The difference between girls and boys, and why we should call them all just children.  -Hacking Parenthood









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  • Reply Rachel Craig March 20, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    I know of stay at home Mums, but I also know of stay at home Dads. There is now Parental Leave, Parental Responsibility etc. So it would seem that there is more Equality and Diversity than there was in the past. More needs to be done to acknowledge and accept Dads. They are Parents just as much as Mothers are. It is nice to see men take the children on Days Out etc. Mums or Dads collect children from Nursery, school etc. In fact sometimes it is Grandparents, other family members or friends.

    As you say boys and girls are children. Maybe society needs to acknowledge that fact.

    I have a brother who believes ironing is “woman’s work”. My other brother ( who sadly passed away recently) liked fashion, clothes etc and looked after his clothing. Ironing was just part of Caring about himself, fashion, looking and feeling good. As well as enjoying life. His wife got a “New Man” before the term was used, she also got a Good Man who helped with raising their children, earning a living as well as Caring for their home etc.

  • Reply Lisa Ward April 4, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Couldn’t agree more. A few family members saw fit to “correct me” when I got my son a doll and pram for Christmas, apparently little boys should only have cars and trucks and other “manly” toys. I’ve never seen any reason why I should adhere to this old fashioned opinion and have been very clear from the start that I don’t believe in boys and girls anything, my son if free to play with whatever toys he likes. If he likes toy trucks then that’s fine, if he likes pink dolls then that’s just as fine. Even down to his clothing, if wants to wear dresses when he’s old enough to tell me (he’s only 18 months now) then I’ll get him a few dresses. Me and my partner have talked loads about this and both of us agree. We figured if our son wanted to play with dolls and dress up as Belle or Tink then either it was a phase, a part of normal childhood that will pass, or it’ll be who he really is and we would support that as fully as we could. Hopefully he’ll grow up without believing in this backwards notion that boys have to be tough and girls princesses.

    • Reply Hacking Parenthood April 4, 2017 at 12:12 pm

      Exactly, they seem to forget that little boys grow up to be dads that need to take care of their own babies. I think what you are doing is exactly what everyone should be doing. Gender equality is so important at the early stages of life. <3

    • Reply Hacking Parenthood April 26, 2017 at 9:17 pm

      We need more mamas like you. This is exactly how we should raise boys. We all have both feminine and masculine traits within us and we should not hide from either of them.
      Thank you so much for the comment, and sharing your story. 💚💚

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