Drinking from a cup at 10 months old -hacking Parenthood

Drinking from a cup at 10 months- Hacking Parenthood

I tend to let my little one have a lot of freedom and independent when exploring and learning about the world. The whole house is free for her to wonder and explore. She usually is seen playing with toys, pulling the laundry down, throwing pots and pans and taking bites of the fruit in the draw.
When it comes to eating, she now has her own chair and sits at the table with us. She doesn’t need her table chair as she could start sitting on her stool from 9/10 months. I try to make sure all food is eaten in the same place on the same chair.Morning is usually fruit and smoothie, lunch time is salad foods like tomatoes, cucumber, avocado. Dinner time is what we eat, which is usually cooked veg.

She knows where to sit and eat/play with food. The older she gets, the more food goes into her mouth. (good to know). She eats how much she wants and learns how to eat different things. Its really amazing to see this. I once found her eating a clementine that I hadn’t peeled yet. She had eaten all the inside and left the outside. Little humans are quite amazing and I don’t think we give them enough credit.

One morning she took the cup of smoothie and took a sip all by herself, and then carried on. I have not seen this before. I know at this point to let her experiment, as I knew there would be a lot of smoothie going everywhere. But she took sips happily without messing too much and I was so pleased! She is learning to use a cup. When I see these moments when she does things that I haven’t seen before, I try and encourage her to try again. Sometimes we forget how capable these little human beings are and if only we gave them a chance to try.

Drinking from a cup at 10 months- Hacking Parenthood









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