4 tips to get your little one closer to potty trained -Hacking Parenthood

4 tips to get your little one closer to potty trained. -Hacking Parenthood

4 tips to get your little one closer to potty trained

I have practised Elimination communication (EC) with my daughter since birth. I did it part-time. So I get when things get a bit busy and you just can’t be arsed to put your little one on the potty. Seems easier to just let them do it in their nappy. As they get older, their pee’s become bigger and their poo’s become smellier. This does not make for pleasant nappy changes. So why not get the potty out and let your little one get used to it.

I understand I have been doing these four things from birth but these are things you can do from any age.  You can start at any age really, but you always need be consistent. As your little one starts to understand the world around them and relates to the world. You will start to see that they understand everything you say. Just be patient as they are not as fast as you.

Straight on the potty when they wake up in the morning, there will always be a pee or a poo. Why wait, just put them on the potty, I usually put my little one on the potty while I go to the toilet. Start doing this for night time as well, so it becomes part of the routine.

Make a sound to relate to peeing and pooing. I.e psssst. Making this sound will create an association with going to the toilet. This way, when you say the sound they will try have a pee. As time goes on, you won’t need to use sound anymore.

If you see the ‘poo face’, take them to the potty. How many times have you seen your little one do the poo face? We all have. This is a great time to put baby on the potty. They start to learn that there is a better place to release their bowels than sitting in the nappy.

Start signing for potty as soon as possible, this help them communicate when they need the potty. Double slap on the chest is easy for little ones to do. Any way to encourage them to communicate is best. They will start to prefer one way or the other, but using sign is what I found the easiest.

Once you and they understand all the different signs. Then make sure the potty is visible, so not away in the toilet. This means they can be reminded. Once they start communicating the need to use the potty, then go with it.

Will do another post about travelling while potty training.

Hope these techniques help.

4 tips to get your little one closer to potty trained. -Hacking Parenthood


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