My Little Pisa, Italy Itinerary For You.

My Little Pisa, Italy Itinerary For You.

My Little Pisa, Italy Itinerary For You.

So, you want to stay in Pisa. Here is my little itinerary for a great holiday away with the kids or just adults.

It can be a bit frustrating trying to plan a holiday especially when you have no idea what is around.

We have recently been camping in a wonderful little campsite called St Michaels. It is brilliantly located close to Pisa on a bus and close to the beach.

The campsite is located near Terina, which can be easily accessed by a bus from Pisa and then a 10 min walk down a mostly shaded walkway next to the road.

The campsite can be found on and you can select a variety of options from just a tent to a fully equipped clamping style tents. Once you have settled in you can take a lovely swim in the swimming pool which has a bar and lounge chairs. The swimming pool does close at 8 pm which we found out on the first day we arrived. We settled in and wanted to swim and only had 15min left to swim. The staff were happy to let us have a quick swim to cool off from the hot day.

On the note of staff. I have never experienced such happy and chilled out staff, happy to help and happy to try to speak a bit of English while you try to speak a bit of Italian.

Everything is clean, the bathrooms, cafe, pool, … It’s just a real pleasure.

So what to do while you are here.

Take a trip to Pisa and go see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Another day you can take a trip into pisa and then take a train to Florence to go
experience the beautiful city.

Another day can be spent at the beach which can be accessed with your camping card. Free for the campers. Further down the way is a public beach which is a rocky beach.

Take a trip to Pisa and go see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

You can also take a bus to the marina which has loads of shops and things to look at.

When you don’t want to do anything for the day, relaxing in the cafe area is lovely and cool. Cool as in not hot, because if you are there in the middle of summer it can get very hot.

We’ve only stayed for a few days while making our way to Seville.

Making the way to the airport is also very easy. Catch the bus to Pisa and then a fast train to the airport.

It is a great place for a car-free holiday to Pisa with a bit of beach added in.

If you decide to rent a car the airport is only 20min away and you can easily get to places once you get used to driving on the right-hand side.

We rented a car from inteRent which worked out great.

As a little getaway that is stress free I would easily recommend the campsite. If you not to keen on buses then rent a car, but the buses are very regular so we haven’t had a problem when using them. We had our car when we arrived but returned it before we left the campsite.

This post wasn’t sponsored, I just had such a lovely time that I wanted to share it. It’s a great little get asay, easy to get to with access to a lovely beach.

Have you been to Pisa? What would you recommend?