Why I realised I didn't want to be a fashion designer -Hacking Parenthood

Why I realised I didn’t want to be a fashion designer -Hacking Parenthood

Why I realised I didn’t want to be a fashion designer.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was interested in clothes. Dressing up, styling. Making clothes for my barbies. I used to watch my mum use the sewing machine, and it looked like fun. In my schooling, I was quite a natural at art. I got high(ish) grades in the subject. Throughout high/upper school, my aim was to go into either mathematics or fashion. I wasn’t really open to any other ideas. I started to lose concentration on mathematics, so was leaning more towards doing fashion. This was my path that I had to follow. no matter what. I went to college to do a foundation course, then started university up in Leeds, U.K. First year was a bit tricky and ended up moving to a different university to start the course again. It wasn’t until my 3rd year, that I really started to focus and wanted to finish my course. From re-doing 1st year and the 2nd year, I was getting a bit fed up of being in university. But, I did it, I finished my 3-year course in 5 years.

I ended the course with my final collection working with Latex garments, working with latex was less stressful than the sewing machine, it was really all about cutting and sticking. Perfect, no unpicking, no sewing machines breaking for some UNKNOWN reason!! I tried to build a business of my latex fashion. I managed to make a bit of money, but it never felt like I wanted to do this forever.

I had spent over 10 years gearing myself towards a career that I had lost passion for. I had spent so much of my time and I was scared to say that I didn’t want to do this. I was scared to admit it to myself. When you have done something for so long, you tend to think that you can’t really change. Who are you if you give up on one of your childhood dreams. I realised it wasn’t me, I tried to work only in the alternative side of the industry, mainly because the people are far friendlier. I’m not one who can deal with catty, backstabbing side of the industry. I didn’t want to turn into that either.

After finishing university I got married and pregnant and was expecting my little girl. I had to stop working with the latex as the fumes are dangerous. So what to do instead? I made a few outfits for her using the sewing machine but still seemed to struggle. I loved seeing her wear it, but I didn’t enjoy making it.

I planned my own baby shower and had the most fun in years. I started to think, whether this might be a career for me? I could see myself becoming an event planner, but I would have to wait till my daughter was older as she couldn’t be around me while I’m working with clients. I needed to find something to do that my daughter could still be with me.

Then, I thought of doing ‘Mum Yoga’, I could go to another mums house, and teach yoga while our little ones play. Perfect, I can have my daughter with me and still earn some money. Except, this was taking a lot of time from just enjoying time with her. It would start to get stressful trying to get her ready at certain times. So, that idea started to die down.

I’ve always been blogging, ever since I started art school. So, it’s something I am used to. I knew I wanted to blog about my journey of being a mum, so I started it. Seeing other bloggers do well and making money has inspired me to do this. So, blogging is my career choice now. So far, it works well with having to look after my daughter. I love social media, so I can incorporate that into work. This is a type of business that is location independent, so I am not stuck in one place to do work. We as a family have hopes to travel, so being able to take work with and travel, is perfect. I will let you know once I start making some money off of it.

Changing my mindset on what I want to do was really hard. This change has had the greatest impact on me as a person, always open to new ideas. New ways of doing things. These will be the things I will be sharing with you. So far, I do minimalism, I’m vegan and practice gentle parenting. I hope to travel and use my blog as a platform to share my experience and hopefully inspire others to change and grow.

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Why I realised I didn't want to be a fashion designer  -Hacking Parenthood