Recipe box and how to do it cheaper

Recipe box and how to do it cheaper -Hacking Parenthood

Recipe box and how to do it cheaper

Recipe box and how to do it cheaper

You have seen these recipe boxes all over the place. It is definitely a trend going around at the moment. Personally, I get frustrated with the packaging that they use to keep the boxes insulated. I don’t really want my food to be surrounded in leftover wool. There are better things to use than wool. If you are vegan, you will understand the frustration of the constant use of animals and animal products. If not, maybe one day. Besides that let’s get talking about a better way to create your own recipe boxes.

The next thing that can be very frustrating is the price of these boxes. They can range from £36 -£54 for 1-3 meals a week. This can get pricey as the food they provide for those meals is exact and there are usually no leftovers. Even the meals have no leftovers. If you choose 3 meals for the week, that’s all you get. To be honest, I want more for my money.

After trying the Abel and Cole veg recipe boxes. I was so impressed with the new tasty recipes we were trying and how easy it was to make for dinner. Sometimes it’s really nice having new recipes to cook as it expands your skills in the kitchen and it invigorates your taste buds. You really do get used to the boring old meals you make every day. I look back and think I was missing out of so many flavours.

I was trying to think what is the easiest and cheapest way to continue doing these recipe boxes. One way to do this is to buy the ingredients for the week in the shops or online. So I did a tester week with a supermarket. I found some great recipes in a few books I had and I photocopied three recipes that I thought would be good.

One of the reasons that I enjoyed the recipe box, is that you got a card with the recipe on. This is easy to use when cooking as it was light, unlike a book which is heavy and hard to move out the way when cooking. I know I’m not alone when I say how annoying it is trying to keep the recipe book open while cooking. To mimic this, I photocopied each recipe onto an A4 paper so that I could still have the ease of reading a recipe while cooking. You can also mess as much as you like on the piece of paper without having to worry about keeping a book clean or an iPad free from oily hands.

The reason I chose three recipes for a full week is that some days we would have a simple meal like veg and potatoes. Some nights you might be out and don’t need to cook. Three meals are enough to get by with a few extra ingredients left over for excess meals.

One of the great things about ordering the food straight from the recipe online is that sometimes you will have extra food left over when you have made your recipe, this will either bring the costs down in the future purchases like rice and oils or you will have extra food for other meals throughout the week. This saves money and you end up having enough food for the week.

With the internet, I have 1000s of recipes to choose from and can print them and try them out all while learning new skills and tasting new flavours. This way I am enjoying the cooking that I do and excited about it as well.

What tips and tricks do you have for food shopping?