Rubbish Removal and Getting Ready For Holiday Guests

Okay, we know what you did throughout this whole year! All those extra boxes, extra bags, old clothes, and other rubbish removal you didn’t really want to bin but you didn’t know what else to do with… you just tipped it in the guest room and closed the door. didn’t you?! Out of sight, out of mind! That is until now… when your life is about to get really complicated for a few weeks.

Now, you’re in a sort of panic mode. You’ve got to tidy up and make space for the guests but you’ve also got a conscience and you don’t want all your rubbish removal going to the landfill. In fact, that’s why you’re such a pack rat in the first place. You can’t stand the idea of throwing anything out and then imagining it rotting away in the landfill, filling the atmosphere with those damaging greenhouse gases. So, you put it in the guest room, hoping you’ll find a good purpose for it one day but that day never comes.

There’s also the closet in that room! It’s been the catchall for years! It’s loaded to the brim with your son’s old baseball equipment, his stuffed animals from when he was a kid, his ancient CD collection which he someday plans to digitize but when, and your husband’s old golf clubs he never uses but can’t seem to part with because he wants them to “go to a good home. It’s also been the de facto graveyard for all those irresistible tools and appliances you and your husband bought because you didn’t think you could live without them but then found you never used them and they just took up too much space! So, where is it that your husband’s sister and her family will hang their clothes on their visit if you don’t empty out that closet? Where else could you possibly put all that stuff? There are no other closets or rooms that can hold any more rubbish removal.

Now, your stress is through the roof and if you don’t find a solution to this problem, you’re probably not going to make it through the holiday season without having a heart attack. You’ve tried to get help from your husband and that one weekend your son came home from college but did they help? No! They leave it all up to you to figure out what to do. And… to top it all off, you husband has been hinting that maybe you should sell your “big house” and move into a smaller place so you’ll have more money for travelling when he retires. Sure… that sounds like a logistically sound plan baby — NOT! What about all this rubbish?

Don’t worry! Take a deep breathe and know that you are not alone in how you are feeling! Many people feel this way. They accumulate a lot of stuff, and for a variety of reasons, have trouble getting rid of it. We’ve got a solution for you that will make you feel good about getting rid of some of the rubbish removals you have accumulated and is now serving as an albatross around your neck!

Like all of us in the UK, you likely know that if you put your stuff out at the roadside bins, the likelihood of it ending up in a landfill is fairly high. That’s in a nutshell why you have this psychological barrier to getting rid of stuff even when you don’t need it or don’t want it. But what you may not realize is there is another option, a much better option, because it’s an option that will almost ensure your stuff gets taken to places where it will be reused, and if that’s not possible, it will be recycled. What we are referring to is the Clearabee rubbish removal service.

Clearabee has grown to be one of the most respected rubbish removal companies in the world, with a reuse and recycle rate that rivals the impressive record of the Scandinavian countries. It is at minimum a ninety percent recycle rate and they first try to take the items they collect to places that will actually reuse them rather than break them down for recycling. In fact, you can even improve upon that ninety percent record by pre-sorting your items and making sure that Clearabee knows the items have good value left in them when you call them and then remind them when they pick up the stuff.

Unlike the services contracted by the councils, Clearabee has a solid track record of making sure items are reused and recycled. They use a database system they have developed themselves to make sure their drivers can get the stuff to the nearest location where it can be taken to charity shops or other reuse shops whenever possible. Give Clearabee a call and you can usually schedule a booking that very same day!

So, now you have the perfect solution for finally getting rid of all the rubbish removal you and your family couldn’t bear to part with before. You’ll know it will get re-homed to people who will love it as much as once did. You’ll also finally have the space needed for your holiday guests! Happy holidays and try to relax some and lower your stress!