We saw the Big 5 on Safari and couldn’t believe it- Kruger National Park.

We saw the Big 5 on Safari and couldn’t believe it- Kruger National Park.

We saw the Big 5 on Safari and couldn’t believe it- Kruger National Park.

We spent the day at the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga, South Africa on Safari.

Once we arrived at the Crocodile gate we paid our entrance, and then made a stop at the little shop. This is where, if you have  have kids, I would recommend getting a kids Kruger passport. Also handy if you have a little one who always wants to hold her passport while traveling to different places. I can now just hand her this one. 

This little passport gets stamped at different stops along your journey through the Kruger National Park. We were only staying on the south part of the park no higher than Skukuza.

We saw the Big 5 on Safari and couldn’t believe it- Kruger National Park.

First stop from Crocodile bridge was Lower Sabie. In this park you drive very slow and enjoy the views. First animal we saw was a huge giraffe. They are the most spectacularly beautiful animals.

We saw the Big 5 on Safari and couldn’t believe it- Kruger National Park.


Next we had the a wonderful opportunity to see one of the Big 5. This was the beautiful and majestic Elephant. In between we saw many Impala’s. 

After seeing some amazing animals we stopped in Lower Sabie where we stopped for some food at the Mugg and Bean over looking the beautiful views of the Kruger Park. We were surrounded by blue starling birds while enjoying our food.

Before heading back we stopped to get the passport stamped which my daughter really enjoyed. 

Back in the car now heading towards Skukuza. Before leaving we saw the notice of which animals where spotted where. It seems like many lions where spotted on the way to Skukuza. 

As we left Lower Sabie we saw a bunch of cars watching something. This is where we saw a whole herd of hippopotamus’ and also a herd of Zebra. The thing that puzzles us was that there where far too many cars watching just a heard of hippos, until we realised that there was some lions under the tree. We spotted the lioness stalking the herd of zebras. We almost had the opportunity to watch a lioness hunt its prey. After a while the zebras realised and scampered off and so did we. 

We saw some more giraffes, monkeys and elephants. We also saw the Buffalo. So now we had seen 3 of the Big 5.

Once we almost got to Skukuza we spotted some cars watching something on a parallel dirt road, but for us to get there we had to drive a little further and take a left and go back down on that parallel road. Which we did. We realised that all those cars were watching a leopard lying down in a tunnel. We didn’t have a great view of it so eventually we moved on back to skukuza. 

My husband suddenly shouted out ‘Leopard!’. This is when we all spotted a leopard walking from about 10metres from us away. This was such a wonderful sight for everyone in the car. 

To see a leopard is all most once in a lifetime! We finally got to skukuza where we stopped for some ice lollies and a stamp in the passport for my daughter. 

Back in the car to make our way down to the Malelane Gate. Hoping we make it before the park closes. 

The sun was starting to set and the sky was looking beautiful. Suddenly we spotted the beautiful Rhinoceros. What a magical sight. This also completed our list of the Big 5. 

What an amazing day we had at the Kruger National Park. 

This is why I am not really bothered about going to zoos and safaris in the UK as they have nothing on the beautiful views of the Kruger National Park. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to see it as well as sharing this experience with my family. If you ever have the chance to go on a safari anywhere in Africa, don’t miss it. It is absolutely worth it. 

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