Savage Garden

Being a parent means you have to always have to have an eye out for the safety and wellbeing of your child, and that is a pretty big responsibility. Once your little one is born, there are all sorts of a dangerous situation that you become aware of, that you wouldn’t have noticed before. Not least of these are the possible dangers that lurk in your very own garden. Read on to find out what they are, and what you can do to help safety proof your garden for the benefit your kids.




First of all, you need to be aware of the type of tools that you are using in your garden and the danger that they could pose to your little ones. For example, sheers and rakes are obviously dangerous especially when not put away properly.


That is why is a great idea to build a shed, or even get a tool cabinet so you can lock away any dangerous tools and chemicals that you are using in the garden, where little hands can’t reach them.


Yes, I know it might be a big ask to take on another home project like this when you have young children. But when it come to the kid’s safety, can you ever really be too careful?



Slip, trip and fall hazards


Obviously, in the home, it’s pretty easy to cover the corner of sharp objects with bumpers and provide steps for places that are too high for your little one to reach on their own. But outside this isn’t as easy to do. In fact, even in the most simple of gardens, there are numerous slip, trip, and fall hazards that you need to be aware of.


In particular, things like uneven concrete paving slabs, crazy paving, or partially hidden tree roots, and steps that are slippery when they are wet, are things to look out for.


If you are concerned about a certain area of the garden, then it might be best to tell the children that they aren’t allowed to play there until they are a bit older.




One of the most lovely things to have in a home garden is a pond. But unfortunately, they are one of the most dangerous items as well. Too many serious accidents occur when a young child falls into a pond in their back garden and cannot get out.


That is why it is essential to have a grate over the pond, that will support the weight of a child if they happen to venture across it.


Of course, even when you have installed a grate it’s important to ensure that the water in your pond is as fresh as possible. As being around stagnant water is not only unpleasant but can be unhealthy for children as well.



To do this use, a good quality pond filter like the ones available from Oase Filtoclear. As well as reliable pump system that will allow the water to be well oxygenated all year round.


Animals and Waste


Lastly, a major concern for a lot of parents is an animal waste in the garden where their children play. This could be from your own pets such as a dog. Or from neighbours pet cats, or even wild animals.


Obviously, educating the kids about the dangers that this can cause is best. But you can also take action to minimise these risks by installing sonic animal repellers and cover over any sandpits.