How to save money before your long-term travel.

How to save money before your long-term travel. -Hacking Parenthood

How to save money before your long-term travel.How to save money before your long-term travel.

Spending money really changes when you start to save for something so big. Something like a long-term travelling adventure.

That’s what we will be doing. We begin in June and leave the safety of routine behind.

While we wait for June to arrive, there is so much to plan and figure out but first thing is first. Money. Save the money. We need to have a certain amount saved by the time we leave. We know we can do this. It just means cutting the spending and keeping it to a minimum.

Have a date. I don’t mean go on a date, I mean, mark the day you want to leave on the calendar. This way you have more of an incentive to not spend the money. Every time you think about spending money on something unnecessary then you just need to think about the date.

No more coffee. I don’t mean any coffee at all. I mean no more going to coffee shops and spending £3/£4 on a coffee. That money adds up.

Choose to stay at home. You might think this is boring but remember you won’t be at home for a long while, so make the most of it. don’t feel guilty if you just want to watch some telly and not go out.

If you do go out make sure you have a packed lunch. This can help you with saving money. Does buy the lunch, make the lunch. It usually tastes better anyway.

Plant-based and whole food diet. Eat those fruit and vegetables, they’re cheap and they will prepare your body in the best way possible. This means cut out anything that has to be made in a factory. They cost money and aren’t the best vitamins and nutrients. See my guide to eating healthier as a family.

Get rid of subscriptions you don’t need. Sky, amazon prime, things like those. Do you really need it or can you find different or cheaper options? Watch Netflix instead of Sky and go for normal free postage instead of prime.

Before buying any equipment that you need for your travels. Research the internet and make sure what you get will last. Take this time of staying in to research. See my Pinterest for some inspiration.

So close that wallet and don’t buy things that you just don’t need. That money can go on the adventure that you are so longing for.

Are you going on a long trip? I would love to hear about it.