Say no to tampons and here’s the alternative? -Hacking Parenthood

Once you begin your journey on the natural path, you start opening your eyes to many different things that you can change for the better.

Natural contraception was one of the first things that I changed. The changes I went through helped me research into new/old ways of doing things. Which was when I stumbled upon a better form of tampons and pads. My whole life, all I knew about was pads and tampons, I hated them. When I was young and had no phone, I would read the insert of the tampon packaging and would always be curious about the Toxic shock syndrome that some woman get. Why would something that goes in such a sensitive area have a side effect that could be life threatening?

What I stumbled upon was silicone cups which are used in a way that it catches the blood from the period. They are re-usable. They are safer for your body.  Cups are so good for the environment as they can be used for longer periods of time than shop bought tampons. Silicon cups work out cheaper than the tampons and pads.

There are so many benefits to using the cup-

I spend less money buying annoying tampons and contributing to ‘female TAX!!’. You can wear them for most of the day, so a trip out will be tampon mess free. It doesn’t dry you out, I’m sure we have all pulled a tampon out when you are dry down there, not fun! The cup holds 20ml of liquid, that is more than a heavy flow, which means (for the heavy flowers) you can sleep through the night without having to change and you can still be clean!

The best thing about these cups is that you get to learn about your body and not be scared of it. A healthy woman body bleeds once a month, people need to get over this fact and stop being grossed out by it! Woman need to take responsibility, of their own bodies and stop fighting what is natural. We need to love our bodies and what they do for us.

. They were available at my local health shop. (I have not been paid for mentioning this product, it is the product that I use and love)

The company made a video, which I thought was funny. Definitely worth a watch, but then come back to my site and read some more posts.

I wish I was told about these sort of things, all I thought you could use was tampons and pads, advertising obviously did its job. Did you know about alternatives that are healthier?