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The snowflake Generation



the generation of people who became adults in the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations

This is what older generations like to call us, the younger generations. They call us this because we seem to be offended by a lot more nowadays than they did. To be honest, yes we are. We live in a generation who are actually trying to undo all the ‘hate’ that the previous generations have unknowingly given. I say, unknowingly given, because I sometimes think many of the older generations don’t see the problem.

One of the most obvious is about race and gender. How many times have you heard someone say ‘you can’t say that here!’. Have you felt like that was something that needed to be said, or someone just being overly annoying?

Let’s first talk about gender. We’ll start with an example of what its like to be seen as different even though they are the same. The difference between male and female in the workplace. I’ve recently seen an article about a woman mistakenly given a man’s email address to use when communicating with her clients. She said it was the easiest work week she had ever had. The man decided to do a test and use his female co-worker’s email for the week to see if there was a difference. He had the slowest work week he had ever had. Constantly having to explain why and how he is able to do his work, at one point he even got asked out on a date. They both have the same qualifications and able to do the work. So why is there a problem? It’s because society has ingrained in us, that woman can’t really do certain things as good as men.

This brings me to ‘White Privilege’. In the same way that woman struggle. People of colour struggle more. If you think they dont, stop kidding yourself. Now, I’m not talking about people in poverty stricken areas. I’m talking about UK, USA, first world countries. Where we’ve all had the same education. The only problem is, we also have the same media outlet. Films, TV, news. Stereotypes all over the place. Have you noticed that in films, many people of colour are shown as criminals, gangsters? Over and over again. This is just one example. The bigger problem is that the people who are influenced by these films, live in communities that are predominantly white. Fear of the unknown can wreak havoc on a society. We need to start viewing the world differently and stop seeing people through the eyes of the media. The media portrays whatever it seems to be better for keeping things as they are. A quote that I have always known my whole life, and never really understood it, till a few years back. “Charity begins at home”. This should come in many different ways. “change begins at home”, “Love begins at home”. The quote is not about ‘not’ sharing with others. It’s about sharing with your family and friends so that they can learn to share with others. Sharing love with your children makes them know love and able to share it with the world. Teaching children to accept change, means they’re able to influence change in the world.

So when our generation is trying to stop certain ways of thinking and stop certain things being said, we are trying to change the mindset of society. Some people always go too far. Political correctness gone mad, people might say. How about using yourcommon sense and begin change at home.

When someone says, you can’t say that here, first think to yourself, is that comment derived from the influences of the media, or is it influenced by a small group of a larger community. Maybe stop yourself next time. Start thinking with your head, there is a reason why the younger generation is trying to change. Why don’t you?

I know this post only touches the iceberg of the problem, but we need to start thinking differently.

The snowflake generation :: You can't say that here -Hacking Parenthood