Stages of a night out, for a breastfeeding mum of a toddler.

Stages of a night out, for a breastfeeding mum of a toddler. -Hacking Parenthood

Stages of a night out for a breastfeeding mum of a toddler.  When you become a mum, night outs become a rarity.

When they do happen, there is a lot of excitement and stress all for a couple of hours that might ruin the whole day after.

Such fun.

A week before- remembering that you will be going out at the end of the week so need to express. So do you express some milk. No. there’s a whole 4 days left to express. If I express about 2ounce a day that makes 8ounce.

1 day before- ok, still need to express some milk.

The day- wake up and remember that you are going out and have not expressed any milk, so you try throughout the day. Problem is, practice makes perfect and you haven’t really done it since the last time you went out. About 6 months ago. All you get is 1/2 an ounce. Ok, let’s go to the shop and get some hemp milk. Best milk apart from breastmilk.

Make some dinner. Husband forgets you going out. But remembers when you start eating.

Dilemma: Do you put your toddler to sleep or leave her awake? Either one can be difficult. You need to leave so you leave hubby and toddler awake. Or, you choose to put toddler to sleep, knowing they will be awake in a couple of hours, and making you late in the process.

So you give hubby some tips on what to do. of course, he knows what to do, but he does things differently. This freaks you out a bit. But you know they will be fine.

Have a cry. This night is becoming way too stressful and you haven’t even left. Get dressed 5 min before you leave. At least you look good (hubby confirms).

Leave a crying toddler because now she wants milk! She didn’t really want any milk before apart from when I was trying to express, and mostly just wants to be with daddy. Now suddenly I’m her favourite just as I’m about to leave!

Walk/drive to chosen venue. The fresh air helps you start to feel better, or is it the thought of having a glass of wine with no child.

Spot your friends. Think about crying because you know they will understand but you choose not to because you know once you start chatting, you know you will be fine.

Buy alcohol, usually wine or Prosecco. Sit and chat and unwind. Woaw. End up drinking your drink too fast. Get another. Try to not drink that fast. Fail. Get some water as a hangover is death, with a toddler.

It’s not even 9 pm and you’re tired now and remind yourself that you have to get up at the usual time and do usual mummy things. So start feeling uneasy and wanting to go home. You start thinking how awesome your bed would be and imagining you buying your favourite sheets. All you need is one more glass but that will send you overboard and you haven’t been overboard since before you got pregnant.

So you go home. Toddler is sleeping. You think in your head that you could have stayed out longer, but you remember how tired you are. So you go to bed and still spend about an hour on your Facebook/phone.

Wake up with a shitty headache. Wondering who invented alcohol, the sweetest drug that no one can really say no to. You struggle through the day miserable and tired.Hoping the day goes by quick. It doesn’t. Next time I’m doing day drinking.! That should give enough time to get over the hangover and be fine for the next day. Now to convince your friends of that. All this at the same time of thinking that you never want to drink anyway as it is a mission.


Stages of a night out, for a breastfeeding mum of a toddler.









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