The Best Zero Wastes No Waste Gift List

The best No Waste Zero Waste gift list- Hacking Parenthood

No Waste Zero waste gifts. If I was given anything as a gift, these are the things I would love to receive. I understand that there is a bit of irony in having a list that share gifts for people who try live a no waste/zero waste lifestyle, but sometime you still want to give a gift. In this case you should try pick a gift that is in line with their beliefs.

Some of these gifts are great to help other people try and reduce the impact of their waste. This isn’t only a gift to them, but a gift to the planet. Anything we can do to help the planet is the best thing we can do. We as humans have created the problems on this earth so we as humans must take personal steps to be better for the environment.

I am so excited to share these gifts with you, they are all from which is the affiliate that I work with. This way, I know these will be great item and totally worth the money.

So let’s begin.


1. Zero waste starter kit– This a great little starter kit for the bathroom accessories. This is also a great gift for young girls and boys coming to the age of looking after themselves.

Zero waste bathroom starter kit.


2. Zip lock reusable bags– These are amazing for trying to reduce plastic and even keeping lunch fresh. When shopping, you can put things in these bags instead of in plastic bags.

Reusable Zip lock fabric bags.


3. Zero waste handkerchiefs/tissues– Ok, I get it, it sounds gross, but it really isn’t. Using tissues that you can wash saves so much waste. Just think how many tissues you’ve used in you life time. Just have a few that you can use so that you can wash some when using the others.

Rusable Handkerchiefs/tissues. 


4. Zero waste bamboo crochet face scrubs– I just love these for getting make up off or cleaning your face in the morning.

Reusable bamboo crochet face scrub.


5. Funky bamboo toothbrushes– This is a must have for any zero waster or even everyone. These toothbrushes biodegrade very quickly when thrown away. Plastic toothbrushes don’t and you can imagine how many toothbrushes you’ve thrown away. So this is a great gift for anyone.

Funky bamboo toothbrushes


6. Eco Kitchen Scrubbies– These are perfect for the kitchen. Using eco sponges in the kitchen can really help reduce the waste in the kitchen.

Eco kitchen sponges


7. Reusable stainless steel straws– These straws are perfect for fitting in your bag while getting around. Having them with you all the time saves from using plastic straws. These are a great prezzie for everyone.

Reusable stainless steel straws

8. Bottle green travel box– Do you know someone who loves to travel? This is a great box to minimize the need for unnecessary chemicals for your body as well as unnecessary waste of plastic.

Battle green travel set


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