The inconvenient razor. -Hacking Parenthood

The inconvenient razor. -Hacking Parenthood

The inconvenient razor. -Hacking Parenthood
Have you ever thought about why we buy a razor?
I don’t mean ‘why’ in the sense of why do we shave. I mean why do we constantly buy razors and throw them away. Disposable or non-disposable, they all get thrown in the bin when you are done with them.

The reason I want to talk about it is the thought of how much plastic is used and discarded with every razor and or razor blades. It’s like we assume that once they get thrown in the bin, they are gone. The problem is, they aren’t. They in up in our rubbish dumps. Plastic takes over 600years to disintegrate, plastic only really becomes commercial in the 1950s. That means almost every single plastic item in the world still exists. In our rubbish dumps, rivers and oceans. Even if the plastic does disintegrate, it turns into tiny pieces of plastic which many species in and outside of our oceans ends up eating.

This is a problem and we should start being part of the solution, not the problem. So what can you do to help?

What do you think people used before disposable razors came out. They shaved just like us. So what did they use?

They used razors that they kept for their whole life. They were safety razors. There is something about a fully metal razor that makes you think that it just does not belong in the bin. I have recently changed the type of razor I use. It has been very refreshing knowing that this is another part of my life that I can move away from plastic. The razor I use has an inbuilt blade that can be sharpened when needed. This means I never have to buy a razor again. Who says going plastic free is expensive?

This is obviously a problem for companies that want to make money on us. A razor that you didn’t need to replace.

The most common place you have seen some sort of safety razor or even just blades are near men’s faces. In the barbers and on your dad or granddad bathroom sink. This does make many women look at the safety razor as something that ladies shouldn’t use or even cant use. Mainly because we shave a few more areas than men do. Is it even possible?

Yes, it is! I have successfully used a safety razor for a couple of months now and every time I am surprised at how close the shave is on my legs and underarms. My legs are smooth and so are my underarms. Fewer rashes under my underarms as well.

Many women now have started to choose not to shave at all, I love the idea and maybe one day I can attempt it, but for now, I will use a safety razor that does put money into disposable razors that harm the planet and enforce gender stereotypes.

I think you need to start thinking about replacing your disposable razor with a long life razor because the amount of razors we throw away in our lifetime is scary. Some end up in our oceans. Killing the whales. You might think I’m overreacting but it’s true. We are killing animals on land and in the ocean and it’s the plastic that’s killing them. I have included a few ideas of razor blades that you could use instead. These are affiliate links. (Working blogger here)


Safety Razor with Double-Edge Platinum Blades (Amazon)


Parker 86R Safety Razor (Amazon)


Feather AS-D2S Double Edged All Stainless Safety Razor and Stand (Amazon)

I use a Rolls Royce Razor blade that I inherited from my Granddad, like this one:

Roll Royce Razor (Etsy)

Take your time to research about the razor you want, it’s worth it. Read my previous post about what you can do to live a plastic-free life.