The Limbo and Excitement of Waiting to Travel. -Hacking Parenthood

The limbo and excitement of waiting to travel

The limbo and excitement of waiting to travel. -Hacking Parenthood

Long-term travel is usually decided months, even years before it finally happens. Whether you are going for a short time like 3 months or a long time like a couple of years. You still have so much planning to do.

What you going to do with the place you live in, how will you pay for the travel, what you need to get rid of and what you need to keep? There is so much planning that is involved and usually, most of it ends up being right at the last month or so. It becomes a very busy time.

With all the planning, there is visiting your friends and family. You want to see them and have a chance to have your last meet up before you start your travels. These visits can easily start to take over your diary. In amongst all the planning. It is all worth it. They know you going on an adventure of a lifetime and can’t wait to hear the stories of when you come back.

Some will even be making plans to meet up with you during the long-term travel which is just as exciting.

These last days can be frustrating and full of sadness and excitement. The excitement of going and sadness of leaving loved ones. The days feel longs and the weeks feel short. There’s a limbo of waiting to sell your main items like furniture and crockery, but you still need them for a while.

When you have a little one, you don’t want to get rid of everything too soon and need to do things gradually. For little ones, it can be quite tough when things were there one day and then gone the next. This is why I begin months in advance with removing toys that are not needed. This way she doesn’t feel like everything just suddenly disappeared.

The excitement of going and sadness of leaving loved ones.

I feel like just going now but there is so much to do. I feel like waiting a bit longer before we go so we can spend more time with family and friends but that will make it hard.

This limbo and excitement are hard to ignore.

Things that help me stay present:

Meditation. meditating every day is so helpful in reminding myself to live for today not tomorrow because if I live too much for tomorrow, my day is lost.

Exercise. Getting the frustrations out and using my body to make me feel good. This also helps me get fit for the travelling so that’s a bonus.

Planning and doing. Plan the things to take and start the search for deals online for what you need. Find those bargains because it will save a lot of money in the future.

Are you waiting to travel in the future? What are your tips for helping you stay present?