The magic of letting them learn by themselves. RIE parenting.

This is something that has really helped me be the parent I want to be. When I got pregnant, I never really thought I would get advice from anyone except myself and family. After, learning about this style of parenting through Facebook, I really felt this is a completely new way for me to parent. I feel, the right way.

Janet Lansbury RIE
It’s all about trusting your little one to trust herself. When she is ready to do new things she will. Sitting, standing, walking, cruising, talking, pottying.
I learnt about the idea of letting my little one gain confidence in each little thing before moving on to the next. Little babies are learn about their bodies everyday, so thugs like ‘tummy time’ is actually really uncomfortable for a baby who has not yet mastered rolling over. Not walking a baby before they are able to walk. They aren’t ready which will make them lose confidence. 

Also, giving her time to investigate and learn about the world at her own pace. This type of freedom gives little ones the confidence now and later in life to know that they can trust themselves. 

This also gives me a break. I can sit and just watch her play until she needs me. It quite amazing to watch her get on with playing with out me pushing her towards things I think she should play with. Too many times we put our own adult thoughts onto the situation. Stopping this thought process help us and them learn their restrictions and capabilities.