The problem with Facebook and the Internet -Hacking Parenthood

The problem with Facebook and the Internet. -Hacking Parenthood

The problem with Facebook and the Internet.

I’m of the generation who grew with the internet and phones. I know what it was like before mobile phones and the internet.

Where would I be if I didn’t have this wealth of knowledge at my fingertips? Well, very different. I wouldn’t have been vegan so soon. Not sure I would have known about gentle parenting and have the support through other mums with how to do gentle parenting best. Also, would not have known that it was possible to breastfeed, cloth nappy, baby carry and co-sleep. Knowing that there were other mums out there doing all these things made me feel like if they can do it, I can. Most of this information I got was from scrolling through facebook, like pages and join groups. So many opinions and information. What a magical place. The whole world connected and you are part of it.

My husband laughs at me because every other day I say ‘I’ve read an article and want to try it out, this is mainly about things to do with my little one. He’s happy to try all these attachment/gentle parenting ideas and see if they work. Usually, they do.

So will I ever stop scrolling through facebook?

My mind usually wanders, thinking I should really put down this phone and go get bored. Being a new mum, this is quite hard, who has time to get bored! Sometimes I wish I could just throw the phone away and be done with the Internet and Facebook.

If I did that, I wouldn’t be able to learn all the great things I never knew about, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things. The way I look after my little one has a lot to do with the articles and case studies I’ve read. So, I can’t throw my phone away, not while I’m still learning. I will never stop learning. It’s a conundrum.

Would you be able to put your phone down?

The problem with Facebook and the Internet -Hacking Parenthood