Thinking About School When It's Out For Summer

Thinking About School When It’s Out For Summer

It’s the start of the summer holidays, which means one thing to most parents – September is looming with the start of another school year. While it may seem like it’s ages away, the six weeks can fly by in the blink of an eye and before you know it, you are taking your kids back up to the gates to start a new term. But what do need to get ready to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible? As you know I am a home educating, but I know many of my readers have kids in schools.



A lot of what you buy your children is reliant on the school uniform policy (which has definitely seen some acts of defiance in certain establishments across the country this year), and creatively is usually limited when it comes to adhering to the latest fashions. Kids aren’t like adults – they grow so much faster than you think, so it’s not worth buying what you need to get for them at the start of Summer to expect it to fit in September. Leave yourself two weeks before the start of terms to ensure that you have shoes that still properly fit and clothes that cover all the parts that they need to. If you’re not too on top of getting everything together, buying storage drawers with five compartments and filling them with individual uniforms for the week is a great way to keep on top of things and it will be able to save you time in the morning. Remember that PE uniform may need replacing before the start of term as well as their normal uniform.



This is something that can definitely be bought before the run up to the holidays, and even stored in bulk at any time during the year. Different years require different equipment, and while your child may need an array of pencils one year, they could move on to a handwriting pen in the next year and then a fountain pen the year after – it seems never-ending. If you find a deal regarding stationery and you have an idea that it may need to be used (even if it’s for show and tell or arts and crafts) then it’s a good idea to buy it. You’ll never know when you need it. Keeping your eye on sites like Groupon and Wowcher can often alert you to any good deals to invest in to save the pennies before the school year starts.



A lot of children can experience anxiety on the lead up to starting school, especially if they’re starting a new school or don’t like the change of moving into a new classroom. Not seeing their friends over the summer holidays can also add to the uneasy feelings, as it can be hard to slot yourself back into a social circle without any upkeep – especially if said friends have seen each other regularly. Try to arrange play dates or hang outs over the holidays with those who they feel the most comfortable with in their class to make the transition easier.