Why I don't like to put my toddler in a dress -Hacking Parenthood

Why I don’t like to put my toddler in a dress -Hacking Parenthood

Dresses, why do we put our children in them? I want to talk about the reasons I choose to not put a dress on my daughter. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear dresses, she has some dresses and she wears them. It’s just that I don’t think they are practical for her age.

Dresses are usually worn by girls. We seem to start them at such a young age to learn about how to be ‘pretty’. Why do we put dresses on our children? Because it looks ‘pretty’ and ‘sweet’? Dresses are made in a way that usually accentuates the waist, obviously not always but have seen many princess style dresses all puffed up or gathered around the waist. This is setting the beginning stages of shaping the body and mind to the societal norms. You might think they are too young for being influenced by things like clothes, but we are in an age where 4-year-olds are thinking about how they look. This is a problem and clothes are part of this problem.

Dresses are not made for playing and climbing. Have you ever seen a toddler trying to climb with a dress on? It’s heart breaking, constantly slipping on the fabric, not being able to see where their feet are. No wonder boys are more boisterous around the climbing frame, they have had more uninterrupted practice. Dresses are made so that the child wearing it can stand and look pretty, not for climbing and moving about.

It is the same with babies that are learning to crawl. They struggle to crawl when wearing a dress. They get stuck and the dress gets pulled. This restricts their abilities to learn to move at their own pace.

In this society, it is frowned upon to show your undergarments. How many times have you been at the play park and have seen girls playing on the climbing frames trying to keep their underwear covered at the same time as climbing? I have even seen parents stepping in and trying to cover their child underwear while they were playing. If a child is wearing a dress it is hard to keep your underwear covered because dresses aren’t for climbing and playing. You could say that they are children and it should matter. Why is it, that more children that wear dresses have a high chance of having their underwear seen than the children not wearing a dress. Most children that wear dresses are girls. Let’s not even start on the fact that in the mainstream shops, in the UK, the cut of the ‘Girls’ panties are narrower around the bum than the similar ‘boys’ pants.

So if you are still in a position to choose your children’s clothes, why not choose something a little more practical for your little child. This way they will not be restricted in any way to practice climbing and playing like their friends.

Why I don't like to put my toddler in a dress -Hacking Parenthood
Maybe try a ‘Skort’, which is a short that looks like a skirt, if you really want something like a dress. (Etsy)

Dresses are not for rough and tumble, they are restrictive for toddlers to play in. Toddlers need to constantly move about, climb and enjoy their movement. Let’s not restrict it just because the dress looks ‘pretty’.

Why I don't like to put my toddler in a dress -Hacking Parenthood

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