Top 3 Vegan places in Brighton: Brighton vegans are spoiled for choice. -Hacking Parenthood

Top 3 Vegan places in Brighton: Brighton vegans are spoiled for choice. -Hacking Parenthood

I have recently spent a full week in Brighton. We went out a few times for some food and to be honest, I didn’t realise how many options of place to go there was. I live in the Somerset area which is still getting round to having more vegan options. Usually, 1-3 places in each town have vegan options now. So, you can imagine how it felt when I went to places that warmly welcomed vegans to eat, even one place we went to being only vegan (I am sure there are more). I was in heaven.

Now, I know I called this my top 3 places but there were so many places to go to that even we couldn’t go to them all. Brighton is so full of amazing places to eat and shop. There were wellness centres on every corner and health food stores on every other corner. Brighton is so intuned with their food options. The ones below were without a doubt my favourite out of the places we went to. I only had 7 days so I know there are so many more options in Brighton. Please share with me your favourite ones as well.

We started with something called a Pizza dog. Yes, this is a pizza that is a hot dog. Loads of melted vegan cheese, animal free sausage with some tasty animal-free pepperoni. My mind was already blown and this was only the first place. The place is called Beezlebab and they serve only vegan food, mainly consisting of cheese, sausages, pulled “pork” and other unhealthy tasty options. Who says vegans only eat lettuce.

Then I took a walk to Glazed coffee shop where they specialise in Vegan Doughnuts! I decided to try a chocolate covered doughnut with honeycomb sprinkles. My taste buds were going mad for doughnuts. I’ve attempted to make doughnuts many times at home, but none as good as these. So much yum!

The next place we went to and definitely our favourite all-time vegan food experience was at the ‘The Pond’. This is a place where you can get something called a Boa which is a steamed bun filled with beautifully marinated ingredients that just blow your mind. The sauces they add to the boa as well as the chips are full of sweetness and saltiness and all sorts of tasty flavours that will make anyone want more. We decided to go to this place twice as it was so good. The menu has a great selection of vegan options during the week. On Mondays, they do meatless Mondays and their whole menu becomes vegan.

If you ever get a chance to go to Brighton then you have to try out their amazing options for vegans. Brighton is well equipped for us. They even have the vegan perfume store, Eden. I think I walked past about 2 of them. This is a city that is great for people of all ages, so easy to get around whether you are walking or taking a bus. It really felt like a miniature version of London. Totally worth the visit.

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