Top 5 animal outfits for Kids. -Hacking Parenthood

Top 5 animal costumes for Kids. -Hacking Parenthood

Dressing up as a child was my favourite. Having the opportunity for our little ones to play and use their imagination. A chance to create imaginary stories. What a magical time for children. Daydreaming is what adults do now, children play out their daydreams.

This list has made me really happy. Finding my favourite outfits on Etsy has been fun. Imagining all the different stories that come with these outfits.


Animal outfits always go down well with the kids. There is something about becoming a different mammal that makes kids imaginations go wild. Even I would enjoy these outfits.

Snow Owl Costume– If anything, this outfit just takes me to the world of Harry Potter. Let me just sit down and write a note to be sent by owl, hopefully, I will finally receive my letter from Hogwarts.

Unicorn Costume– Can I have an adult size unicorn costume, please! Dressing up as a magical being will kick start the imagination of our little ones and they look awesome.

Fox Dungaree Costume– For no other reason other than this is my family name. Foxes are the cutest animals alive. I’m sure many people will beg to differ. How cute is this outfit? To be honest, they could wear this outfit at any point.


Wolf Costume– This costume make dressing up as a wolf exciting, mystical and magical. Who wouldn’t want to be a wolf after seeing this beautiful outfit? The shapes and the colours work perfectly together.

Penguin Costume– This is just cute! Penguins are the cutest animals for little ones to dress up as. So much fun to be had.

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Top 5 animal outfits for Kids. -Hacking Parenthood

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