Top 5 summer activities for making and doing- Hacking Parenthood

Top 5 summer activities for making and doing- Hacking Parenthood

Summer is finally here and whether you looking forward to it or not, we can’t get away. My little one is only 2 but even I notice summer holidays have begun. 

So what are we supposed to do to keep our little ones entertained? Well, I’m not sure, I stay at home with my little one all day anyway. This hasn’t stopped me from making an awesome list of a few things you can do and make. I would say the age would be about age 6+ with help. More like, the mum can make with help of their age 6+ little ones. All the items can be played by your age 3+ kids.

In other words, this is a list of things I want to do with my daughter when she grows up a little. You know how it is. I’m the mum who only takes my little one to activities just so I can make things. Makes having a little one worth it.

Giant Knitting

I have always wanted to make a blanket with giant knitting needles. This can be a fun activity to do while teaching your kids to knit at the same time. This might lead to a bunch of new winter items of clothing that you might have had to buy in the shops. As they say, win win.

Make A Rag Doll

How often have you thought having a homemade rag doll would be just the perfect item to add to the collection of dolls. What a perfect way for an older sibling to make something for a younger one. Showing an act of kindness with a whole lot of fun.

Learn Weaving with this Loom Kit

Weaving seems to be a lost art. How interesting it would be to learn basic weaving with your little one. Inspiring our little ones to partake in ancient skills and inspiring our little ones to have an interest in the old ways.

Peg Doll Kit

Paint your own family of peg dolls, create names and a story for each one. Maybe go into script writing, comic book writing, whatever the age you can work with it. Paint them like each member of your own family and mimic the daily lives.

Make your own Amber Necklace

Amber is a beautiful stone that looks natural against the skin. Make your own necklaces for you or your little ones. Remember to put a tiny knot after each bead added if you want your little ones to wear them. I think my daughter looks like a lovely tribal baby when she wears her amber necklace.

Top 5 summer activities for making and doing- Hacking Parenthood

Enjoy your summer. Make something interesting. This page contains affiliates, please see my disclosure page.