Top 10 things to do in and around Johannesburg.

Top 10 things to do in and around Johannesburg.

Top 10 things to do when in Johannesburg that are tried and tested.

Johannesburg is not usual place where people will stay for a long period of time. Usually people will head out to Cape Town or Kruger national Park. We staying I. Johannesburg for about 3 months and had some time to find out what are the best things to do with kids in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg doesn’t have a good reputation international because a lot of news and documentaries show Johannesburg’s dark side. This is mainly in the centre and in a very small area. When I grew up in the suburbs of Johannesburg, we lived about 50min drive to the centre so there are many fun things to do.

So here are the top 10 things to do in and around Johannesburg:

Monte Casino– This is a great place to go when you want a family day out. There are so many things to do. Movies, bowling, lots of restaurants. They also have a Bird Garden where you can see many different types of birds and even animals.

Go Carting– we did the indoor go-carting which was absolutely thrilling. Totally worth it. Our daughter (3.5yrs) even got to have a go when one of the workers took her around for a few laps.


Ice skating at Northgate– my husband and I decided to go ice skating as a little date day. We felt like proper teenagers but we loved it. Speeding away I. The ice rink is tiring but it makes you feel great.

Cradle of humankind– This is the place to go for some historical history about the human species. They have had it completely re-done since the early 2000s when last went. Now it is a great place to spend some time. There are restaurants there but you can also pack a picnic and enjoy the views, because they are spectacular.

Botanical Gardens- If you want some relaxing walks, then this is the place to go. You can take a lovely walk with the kids, and there are many fun things for the kids to see and learn. The waterfall is mesmerizing and you might get to see the eagles flying around their nest.

Gold reef city– This is a theme park with some very thrilling rides. One of our favourites was the Log rides which gives you a massive soaking, which is just perfect after walking around in the heat of the South African sun. The park has a lot of rides but it’s mostly in a close proximity so easy to get to them. Make sure you take a pram as the walk for the little ones can get tiring for their little legs.

Ngwenya Glass and Gilroy’s Brewery– Another great place for a family day out on the weekend. Head first to Gilroy’s Brewery and get the drinks in. Live music usually starts around midday with great classic songs played. You also might see Gilroy walking around greeting people and enjoying his beer. While you settled in, there is a playground and other activities that happen around Ngwenya Glass. The kids got a chance to make a candle after playing around in the playground. There’s a lovely collection of unique shops to look at. This is a place that everyone can enjoy.

The Dome- This is an event area where you can see some shows, we went to see the Wiggles Live as a surprise for our daughter. She was mesmerized the whole time.

Papachinos– This is a massive restaurant aimed at families. There is a large playground that the kids can go play in while you sit and enjoy some tasty food. There is also a kids pizza making area where they can make their own pizzas.

Don’t forget that you can use an Uber to get around very easily and a good price.

Let me know if you have been to any of these places.