You don’t need to take every toy on holiday -Hacking Parenthood

You don’t need to take every toy on holiday. Your child will survive and even thrive when they don’t have all those toys around them. As a mum who attempts to practice minimalism every day, I have experience in the fact that our little ones don’t need all these toys.

Going on holiday with your children can be very daunting. How are you going to entertain your child in a place that is not your home? At home, you have every possible trick to keep your little one entertained for hours. Balls, bikes, paint, glue, baking, the list goes on. What do you do when you go on holiday.

I have seen many facebook images of cars being filled to the brim with toys for the kids and I do wonder if they actually play with all these items when on holiday. I think not. Did you know that you don’t have to take your child’s kitchen sink on holiday? So if you going camping or visiting another part of the country sometimes it’s best to leave those toys at home and let them discover new things in the new environment. Fewer things to pack in and out of the car. Fewer things to lose. Less stress on your part.

We don’t own a car, so when we go on holiday we have to only take what we can carry. Every time, to my amazement, my daughter ends up not even playing with the items I brought her. The new environment has enough things to keep her entertained. Whether it’s the new place with lots of cupboards to open or a garden to explore she will always be more interested in the new environment. I’m not saying she never plays with her toys on holiday, I can easily remind her of her favourite toys that we brought and she will spend a bit of time playing with them and then move on.

Even as adults, time away from your things can really help you stop having that obsession with these material things. We have such strong connections to these things that we sometimes forget that they are just that. Things. Going on holiday helps us forget about things and helps us remember to experience life and moments. See my post about how I went on holiday and wore only one outfit.  This is the same for our children, time away from their things helps them experience new life moments. It also helps us appreciate what we have.

Next time you are on holiday, ask your little one to pack a little bag with their favourite toys that they can carry. This stops them taking the large things that will just take up space. This also helps them break the strong connection they have with their things and lets them know that they can live without the toys for a while.

How to take less on holiday:

Say no. Just say no to taking certain things that you know will not be needed. Let them cry about your decision if they need to, this helps them let out the frustrations. Be there with them and explain why you think you should leave those items. Don’t be scared of them crying as crying relieves a lot of tension in the body which is very helpful. Remember that you do need to be with them when they cry, this sends them a message that you are willing to help them through the hard times.

You will survive. Leaving all these toys at home can be very scary if you rely on them a lot for your own sanity. I’m not knocking you on that, I do the same thing. Through experience though, I know that sometimes it is actually easier to not have the toys on holiday

Pack a few small things in a small bag. I usually pack a small bag that includes some pens and paper, a car, a doll and a pony. These fit in a small lunch bag. So if at any point I have to carry it, then it’s ok.

Fun backpack from Etsy
Be confident and watch the magic happen. When you kids don’t have their favourite toys around, they start to look for other things to do. They start to create games and other fun things to do. This can be quite an amazing thing to watch and it reminds you that your child is capable of living without all these things. See my post about not helping your little ones play