Tips for 'Train Travelling' with baby. -Hacking Parenthood

Tips for ‘Train Travelling’ with baby. -Hacking Parenthood

Travelling with a baby.

Travelling with a little one can be quite daunting, but it shouldn’t be. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

I’ve been travelling on trains in the UK since my little one was about 2-3 months. so have been getting around mostly without a car for over a year now. I just love being so free with my little one. Almost every month, I visit my mum which takes about 2-3 hours on the train and about 3-4 train jumps. It can get a bit hectic. When you have kids with you, people are always happy to help. Whether its carry a bag onto the train or offering a seat when there are none. While travelling, it’s all about going with the flow. Remembering that there are angry people and there are happy people. If you choose to be happy travelling, then don’t get infected by angry people. I know it’s so easy to think that if someone has been a bit off, then you have the right to be off back. You don’t and in the end, you are worse off, stay happy.

You need a sling

Ditch the pram. It’s bulky and takes up space on a train, if a disabled person needs the space, they get priority and you have to fold your pram and store it. There is also no place to put your travelling bag. You need more hands than you have got to push a pram and hold your, nappy/diaper bag as well as your travel bag. Just don’t do it. So, get a sling that is comfy and easy to use. I use a wrap, as I have practised the art of wrapping. Wrapping is easy once you take a few minutes to understand how to wrap. If you don’t like the sound of wraps, getting a soft structured clip sling, or a mai tai. This way, you will have free hands to carry what you need. Baby is always happy in the sling when you are moving about so less crying and more travelling.

Nappy/diaper backpack

When travelling, I usually have a travel bag with mine and my daughter’s clothes, this bag has wheels and can be rolled. Then I will have a diaper/nappy bag that I can wear on my back. This has the bonus of having free hands to pull my travel bag. The nappy bag will usually have all the things I need for travelling like food, toys and nappies, if bottle feeding, then you would have that in there as well.

Baby seat

If baby is still tiny you might need a car seat for when you arrive at your destination. Most of the time, people don’t just carry car seats around in their car unless they have a child. In that case, they probably need it for their child. I had a basic car seat that was easy to carry with my last free hand. If the person you are visiting has a car seat, then all is good and you will have less to carry.

So you look like a packhorse.

So what, you are freely travelling with your child while you are able. This is far more important than being stuck at home with no exercise. Getting around with baby can be tiring. Remember that staying at home with baby is also tiring. So why not go visit some friends. Getting out and about is important. People are so helpful towards new mums so don’t worry about it. Just pack your bags and go.


Ok, so it helps if you breastfeed as there is less to carry in your bag. It is obviously possible to travel while bottle-feeding. Don’t let it stop you.

Travelling by train is easier.

Especially with a baby who needs breastfeeding, travelling on the train can be so easy. If baby needs some milk, they can have milk. If in a car, and they get distressed, most of the time you are unable to help as you would need to stop the car. If baby is crawling, they can crawl about on the train journey, less stress for you as baby is always happy to explore.

How do you get about when visiting friends and family who live longs distances away?

Tips for 'Train Travelling' with baby.  -Hacking Parenthood