How to make friends on long-term travel.

How to make friends on long-term travel.

How to make friends on long term travel.

Long term travel can have some ups and downs. It can be so incredible to be in so many different countries and experiencing so many different cultures. Moving around a lot can be hard and lonely.

Each new country I have to find my bearings and find some friends. Finding friends for me is important as we travel with our only child. Sometimes I need a break from the constant playing with my little one.

My best tips so far for making a friend in new countries are:

Facebook. You might hate Facebook but it’s a great way to connect with people you might not just meet in the streets. Facebook has many platforms to connect in the shape of groups. Joining different groups has given me great ways to get advice and meet people.

Travelling family groups are great to get started with and see where people are travelling. When I am planning to go to a country I will join the expat groups of the country to get a base of knowledge and initiate some meetups. They are a great way to get information about the new country and find out if there are any family groups you can join.

We always try to stay in a place with a pool. We stay in many hot countries so a pool is always great to cool down. It is also a great way to meet other families. Kids love to play at the pool and parents love to sit and watch their kids play. I have made some great friends at the poolside. Whether it’s in a condominium or a resort. Say hi to people and see where the conversation takes you. A great question to ask is whether they live here or travelling.

Restaurants. Depending on the country, it can be quite easy to start talking to your fellow restaurant goers. Especially, if there is a play area. This way there will usually be other parents to chat to.

These are the 3 main ways I have succeeded in making some great friends. So, don’t let this get in the way of travelling.