Travelling from Phuket to Koh Lanta By Boat

Travelling from Phuket to Koh Lanta By Boat

Travelling from Phuket to Koh Lanta.

When we arrived in phuket, we had no idea what to expect. When we arrived at the airport, we sorted out our new Thailand sim cards and then booked a taxi through Grab.

Turns out, that they don’t really encourage grab drivers at phuket airport. We had to walk almost all the way to the main road to catch our Grab taxi (Grab taxi is like Uber). It was night time, which made it a little harder to see. Eventually we got in the taxi and headed to our condo in Kamala, Phuket. We stopped at a 7 eleven for some food for the morning.

Tip when travelling: If you can try, it is better to arrive in a new place in the day time. Arriving at night makes every

Once we had spent our time in Phuket. We were ready to make our way toward Koh Lanta.

There were many options we could take to get to Koh Lanta. We could take a taxi, fly to krabi and take a taxi or get a boat. We decided to take a boat as we knew it would be fun and interesting.

How to stay eco while travelling

There were two options. The speedboat or the ferry.

The speedboat is fast but can also be quite bumpy and there also might not be a toilet. This isn’t helpful while travelling with a 3 yr old as when they need the toilet, there is usually no waiting around. We really liked the idea that it’s super quick to get to where we wanted.

The ferry is slower. There were different options of routes that you can take. Eventually we decided that the ferry is the better option for us as a family. We also decided that we didn’t mind stopping half way for a change over.

So we packed our things and made out way to the Rassadan Pier in Phuket. We got there using Grab as it was a little cheaper than a transfer.

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Everyone was very helpful when you arrive. It’s usually a good idea to have booked your ticket already but it seem that if you haven’t, then you would be able to buy your ticket at the desk. Once we got on the ferry, we realised that there was different levels. The ticket you buy gets you a seat on the lower part of the ferry with smaller windows.

If you pay an extra 100 baht per person then you can sit on the main seating area with bigger windows and better views. We decided to do this as we didn’t mind spending that to get a better seat. Our daughter was free anyway.


When you are on the ferry, you get to walk outside. It’s can get quite hot, but the views are wonderful.

As we were coming closer to our first stop, the ferry goes slowly past the Phi Phi islands. I was expecting to see how beautiful this was going to be. Seeing proper Thailand islands up close for the first time is spectacular. I was so amazed. I was glad we took the ferry, as the speedboat wouldn’t of spent time going slowly around the Phi Phi Islands.

Then after a bunch of passengers getting off for tours. Ours was the next stop to change over. When we arrived, it was really easy and straight forward to get onto the next boat. We had 20 min to spare so we were trying to decide whether we should get some food from the 7/11. We decided not to as by the time we had finished talking about it, too much time had passed.

This was a small boat, with a few fans blowing. It was hot and we were hungry. We just figured that we could make it. Once we got going we realised that we were more hungry than we thought. Oops. The journey was hot and a bit boring. Our daughter managed to play a bit on the iPad to keep her going. One of the guys on the boat will go around and see if anyone needs a lift to their resort, we already had a free transfer so didn’t need their help. It is good to know for future if we haven’t anything booked.

Eventually we arrived and got off the boat. When you leave the pier of Koh Lanta you pay 10 baht per person for to help with the clean up of the island. I think this is a great idea.

We were met by some drivers of our resort. They helped us get out bags on the back of the car. Off we went to our resort.