Two Days in Seville, Spain with Kids. - Hacking Parenthood

Two Days in Seville, Spain with Kids. – Hacking Parenthood

Two Days in Seville, Spain with kids.

Seville is an amazing place to go. Whether you’re a couple on a romantic getaway or a family on a learning holiday. Seville is a brilliant place.

It is so full of history and colour and huge building with exquisite detail. I have never seen a place like it before. There is always something to do where ever you go.

So what to do with kids?

Getting around is very easy. If you kids like walking then this is the best way to get around. Walking through the streets and seeing all the wonderful patterns that are hidden inside court yards and underneath window sills. If walking isn’t as fun with the kids and they aren’t young enough for the push chair then getting a taxi is really cheap and easy. There are usually taxi ranks spotted around Seville.


Where ever we went was no more than 30-40 min walk. Believe me, I wasn’t up to walking but I’m glad I did. My husband insisted. It was so worth it. You really get a sense of what Seville is and the rich history of the town by walking to each place. With the help of google maps.

Walk along the river. The is a major river that runs through Seville. This is a lovely walk to do. You don’t have to walk the whole way along the river, just enough to see some of the amazing building along the river.
This is a great option with the kids because it leads straight to a playground. We stopped at a lovely playground that had a water feature that the kids can play with and a massive pirate ship playground. This was a massive hit with my daughter.

Next we headed to a lovely cafe/restaurant called Ecovegetariano Gaia. They had some lovely food options. Many Vegan options to choose from. Air conditioned as well which is just what you need after a long walk.

Many places are open at night and welcome kids.

As you will be in Seville the origin of the very familiar sevillanas. A flamenco dance that is common in Saville. You will have to take the opportunity to see a show. The are many shows around Seville that you can watch. We went to a place called La Caberneria. This was recommended to us by the owner of the apartment that we stayed in. They have 2-3 shows every night. We decided to go to the first show which was around 9 pm. What a show. I learned flamenco dancing as a child and was very interested to see the show. The wonderful dancer did the four dance versus of the Seviananas with such passion. My daughter just loved it. It’s a free show as long as you buy a drink. Drinks are so cheap in Seville so it’s at almost no expense.

Late nights are common as the weather is so hot during the day. Many places are open at night and welcome kids.

The next day is about getting into the history and beauty of Seville. Two places we headed for with kids was the Jardines De Murillo park and garden. This has a lovely playground for the kids to play and for you to have a breather. Just accross the pond is a wonderful bar. My hubby and I swapped turns to go and have a coffee and relax in what felt like paradise in Seville.

Next was to take a walk over the road to the Plaza De Espana. This place is breathtaking. It reminded me of the Crescent in Bath but taking it to the next level. The building is very big and where every you look, you see the amazing detail. The detail is exquisite. This place is beautiful. This is somewhere you have to see in Seville. In the middle is a large fountain and if you stand in the direction of the wind then you get a refreshing spray which cools you down in the heat of the sun.

After taking a bazillion Instagram worthy photos of this place, we headed on to the ”Real Alcazar De Seville”. We didn’t go in as it is better to get tickets online for this beautiful place. So I can’t really comment but just a quick Pinterest search and it’s worth it.

Even though I didn’t see the ”Real Alcazar De Seville” I didn’t feel short come by after seeing the Plaza De Espana.

We headed back to our apartment and again chose to walk home to see the amazing little streets that are so inspiring.

All the places we went to apart from the restaurant and buying a few drinks at the flamenco dance show, was free. On the second day we took a packed lunch that we ate in the park which filled us enough to see a few places and head home.

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Our daughter enjoyed every moment and so did we. Seville is somewhere that I would love to go back to. I loved that there were many parks dotted around for kids and parents to take a break.

We stayed in an apartment in an area called Macarena which is a bit more of a local feel. Very close to the centre but not right in it.

Seville is a place to do the touristy things. It’s not a place to relax, it felt a bit like London. Busy but full of amazing places and things to do.

Worth it. I can’t say that enough.