Two months before long-term travel- Hacking parenthood

Two months before long-term travel- Hacking parenthood

Two months before we leave.

Two months before long-term travel- Hacking parenthood

The real countdown begins, there are only 8 more weeks and things are moving fast. This is the month that is ideal to plan lots of family and friends visits. This 2nd month is probably going to get booked up pretty fast. This can mean that there isn’t a lot of time to do anything else.

Excitement, sadness, reluctant to plan any final goodbye with friends. We are so close to the finish/begin point that it can start to feel very overwhelming.

Life is still happening when you have kids, so things are still in some sort of routine. Around that there is a lot of things happening.

So here my 2 month list:

As I have been saying previously, book those dates to see family and friends. The last month will go by very quick so this is the best time to mark those dates or plan a going away party. I have decided not to do a going away thing as I do have enough stress on my plate. I am planning to meet all my friends sporadicly and so I have quality time with each one.

Sort and sell. It is time to start moving you things from drawers into their respective bins, charity, family boxes. Then sell those bigger furniture items that you can start doing without. Downsize your wardrobe to one or two drawers and start downsizing your kitchen as well. Time to get rid of your baking equipment, excess kitchen items like yoghurt makers.

This is the month to start closing up your list of what you need before you go. You will be needing to pack your backpack to see if everything fits and whether you can carry it or not. Even though we will be backpacking, we will not be doing much heavy walking so we haven’t done much practicing with backpacks.

This month will go by very quickly as you see friends and family

We are going camping around Europe so will have a lot of the things we need to live like cutlery, crockery, towels, sleeping bags and mattresses. These are the things we will start to use in our house next month. Which means we downsize almost all of our kitchen, sleeping and bathroom things.

Start choosing which insurances you will use for health and travel. As we are UK citizens, we have our European medical card, but once we leave Europe we need to make sure we are insured. We will be looking into worldnomads as we have heard great reviews.

You will have a few things that you will keep that you might choose to put in storage or leave with family members. Make a list of everything that you are keeping, and also thins that will be given to family members. This is so they know as well.

Give notice for the house and any other things that you rent.

This month will go by very quickly as you see friends and family. It will be a real time to start seeing how your kids do with lots of travel. If you are like me there will be lots of train journeys and car drives with few breaks in between. My daughter is usually really good with travel so as we get nearer to the main travel period we start to get used to moving around a bit more.

See my previous post about 3 months before you travel.