Imagine a world where ugly was beautiful. -Hacking Parenthood

Imagine a world where ugly was beautiful. -Hacking Parenthood

Imagine the world where ugly was beautiful. What would this world look like? What is ugly. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is ugly in the eye of the beholder? How would that make you feel?

Hear me out. Being a woman in this day and age can be really tough. We are constantly bombarded with all sort of messages that we are ugly, we are ugly because we don’t have this and that. Magazines, media, shops, friends and family all influence us without us even knowing. We’ve grown up with certain messages that make us feel like we are inadequate.

I’m too fat, I’m too thin. My boobs are too big, too small, too saggy, too bouncy. My thighs are huge. I have freckles. My hair colour is too boring. I have acne. My skin is too pale, dark, white, black, purple. What is ugly? Am I ugly because I have a big nose? Grey hair? Scars?

Where are all these messages coming from?? Personally, I have to physically try hard to stop myself from saying a bad word about my body. I have to remember what my body has done for me. Whether you are just finishing school or have had kids. Your body is just the way it should be. You can look at anyone in the street and see their beauty. You also see how these messages we receive, have taken their beauty away. I don’t mean what they look like, I mean the way we look at them. What do you see when you look at someone else. Do you see their ugliness or their beauty? Are you the one putting the messages out there?

Did you know that if we changed the way we thought about our bodies, many industries will lose a lot of money? Imagine if the body products, dieting products and photoshopping disappeared. What if life wasn’t about reaching that ideal body. What if your body was the ideal body? What would you do in your life if you didn’t have to chase the ideal body?

Replace magazines for books and reality tv for documentaries. Pick out a photo you don’t like of yourself and find the beauty. The more things you can find that are beautiful, the better the photo becomes. What are you fearful of?

Come join me in the world where ugly is beautiful because I can assure you the most beautiful woman still feels ugly because we are all influenced by these messages.

We have to start with ourselves to change the world. Imagine if every woman stood together and said ‘NO’. No, I will not give you permission to change the way I think. I will give myself permission to love. To love me. To love you. I will stop looking for the ugly and start looking for the beautiful.

Now, let us teach this to our kids. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, the beholder becomes what they see. Find the beauty in this world, find the love, find the helpers.

Imagine a world where ugly was beautiful. -Hacking Parenthood