Why I will be unschooling.

Have you ever heard about unschooling? I didn’t until I watched a few TED talks about it.

As some of you know, I will be home educating my daughter. Many people think this is weird and still, see home educating as something hippies do. Well, the hippies of the 60s knew what was up. They realised that they have just spent all that time in school, being told what to do, what to wear, what to know and how to act. Even for an average person, coming out of school is like suddenly being free. Unless you walked straight into a job that you were prepared for. Sitting in the cubicle, following orders. Next minute you are quitting your job and having a midlife crisis. It’s not a midlife crisis, it’s that you only now, figuring out what you want. Giving yourself the opportunity to have freedom of choice.

Many kids leaving school now days are not prepared for life. They don’t know about bills, tax, mortgages. How to love and be confident. How to learn. Learning is so important for living. Learning is not about reading something then answering a question on that topic. Never looking at it again because you’ve got the A* to prove you know it. If you had to take all the tests again that you did in school, right now. Would you get the same results? If the answer is no, then you did not learn it. You were just ticking boxes so you could go outside and play. Playing in the trees, in the rivers, learning about insects and animals. Playing games with your friends. Learning about socialising. Learning how to be happy.

I’m sorry, I have yet to pinpoint something I learnt in school that has greatly help me in life. When I left school. I had to learn to learn. I taught myself to research and discover what I enjoyed. I went to university and still didn’t know how to learn. I knew how to tick the boxes so that I passed. It took me 5 years to finish a 3-year course. It was until my 5 years that I realised what learning and investigating was about. Now I’m learning so many new things. I learnt about nutrition and exercise. I’m learning about love and kindness. Empathy. I’m learning to love myself, no matter what people say.

Imagine if I knew how to learn when I was a child. Imagine all the things I would have learnt and remembered. I’m not talking about things like learning to talk and read. I’m talking about passions. When did you first have a passion and we’re you given the full opportunity to explore the passion until you were done. Do you remember a time when you were so engulfed in what you were doing and wanted to know everything about it. That is learning. School don’t encourage learning. They encourage the ability to be taught. They have a curriculum to follow and nothing should get in the way of that. Be taught and learning is two different things.

Another example is that feeling when you finally move out of the family home. You feel free to eat what you want, be who you want. Do things when you want. It usually takes some time for you and your mind to settle from the freedom. Imagine if that started right from childhood. If you had your parents guidance on being free. Them letting you make your own decisions consciously. When you leave the family home you already know yourself, you’re already prepared. Life is that same because you’ve been living your life the whole time. Just this time you’re creating your own journey. No shock transitions. It’s all one big smooth transition.

Mainstream schools inhibit this inward growth, the ability to find out who you are without needing a midlife crisis. Mainstream schools dictate your life before you have a chance to know who you really are.

Our Millenial generation is often called lazy. It’s not that we’re lazy, it’s that we’ve been ticking our boxes our whole life and we don’t get to just walk into a job like our parents did. We’ve been ticking boxes but for what. There aren’t enough jobs for us. We don’t know how to learn. We seem stagnant. It’s not until after we leave school and finally find out what our passions are, that we think we can pursue the jobs that aren’t readily available. Or create our own businesses to supply our own need. Schools need to get with the modern technology so that the kids today are ready for life. Until then my daughter will be home educated. I will be following the unschooling way. Learning with passion. That’s what life is about. It’s taken me 24 years to learn that, I want it to be innate for her.

Learning is life.


    HI there, Great article. I'm super interested in this idea and curious to know more. I personally will be sending my son to school come September for kindergarten, multiple reasons, main one being I need to work and also I don't think I could take on such a big reaponsibility, however- i do agree wih you about the failing school system and the importance of allowing children to explore their passion and find their niche in the world. Schools are starting to catch on and in our region, kindergarten is based in "learning through play" and having the children expand on their interests. I'd like to bring some of your 'unschooling ' ideas into our home environment ( although in feel like we al ready practice a few, I'm interested in learning more about it)

    Sinead Regimbal | 1 month ago Reply

      It sounds great that schools are starting to catch up in your region. Most of the time you are practicing unschooling before sending your little one to school. It's how they learn all the things they need to know. I understand you needing to work. The second reason of taking on the responsibility. This is got to do with trusting yourself. Many people in this society don't trust themselves to do many things and rely on other people. Once you start trusting yourself that you are capable. It means many things start changing in your life. It's about handing over the skill of learning, not just teaching everything you know. Once your little one starts learning how find out what they want to know. That's when the magic happens. You become the catalyst for her education. I can recommend reading a book called 'free to learn' by Pam Larocchia.

      Hacking Parenthood | 1 month ago Reply

    I have the same perspective, and I'm a mother of a 1 year old. How do you organise your life to do domestic education and to work? (I mean, to earn the money you need for the bills) This is my biggest question because I'm a single parent and there are no network of DE in the city I'm living.

    Carla | 1 month ago Reply

      I understand what you mean. I'm lucky to have a husband who earns the majority of the money. But we do keep our bills and expenses really low and live a very minimalistic lifestyle cutting out a lot of expenses. we also live in a very small town where we don't need a car and I get around on my bicycle. I myself I'm trying to earn money online by doing things like blogs. What work do you do maybe you could find a skill that could be sold online? 

      Hacking Parenthood | 1 month ago Reply

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