What I use on my body every day. -Hacking Parenthood

What I use on my body every day on the cheap -Hacking Parenthood

What I use on my body every day.

What I use on my body every day. -Hacking ParenthoodI have made the decision to stop using products that contain chemicals that I know my body doesn’t need. Iv cut out shampoo, Iv cut out soap, Iv cutout mainstream deodorant. I’m sick of the lies Iv been told about what I need to use to stay clean.

When I was pregnant I started using natural products like the ones found in the health food shops. I stopped dying my hair and painting my nails. All this gave me time to try a natural way and see what happens.

Ever since my daughter was born, I have only used water to bathe her.  She’s almost 3 now and I’ve only used a soap about a handful of times. A good soaking in the bath is all she needs to remove the dirt from her body. If she has a few marks that won’t come off then a good wipe down with a flannel is all that is needed.

She’s almost 3 now and I’ve only used a soap about a handful of times.

This got me thinking about my body and whether I needed to use soap. What was the soap doing if just water was already cleaning my daughter.

Eventually, I used the last of my bottle of natural shower gel and haven’t bought any since. That shower gel was what I also used to wash my hair. Now I don’t use anything but water.

You need a few things before you completely switch to just water.

This is what I use:

Hair: I wash my hair with water. To do this I have a wooden comb, a bristle brush, a hair clip. The idea is to brush those nourishing Hair oils through your hair to moisturise it.

Body: I have a body brush that I brush down my body in the shower. I use natural chemical free soap when I need to shave my legs. If you don’t shave then you don’t need this. Instead of a disposable razor, I use a safety razor which comes with a blade that I can clean and sharpen so it will last a lifetime.

At the moment I use a deodorant that I got from ‘Lush’. It’s all natural and the main flavour is hazel wood which is great for deodorant. Here’s a natural deodorant that I found on Etsy

I also use coconut oil as a moisturiser for my legs and face.

Teeth: I use a natural toothpaste and brush my teeth using a bamboo toothbrush that will not harm the planet when I am finished with it.

That’s it, that’s all I use to shower and get my body ready for the day. I don’t use make-up as I’m at the stage where I want to appreciate and accept all the blemishes on my face, why should I hide them just so other people feel better.

Choosing to cut out these products and sticking with easily accessible items that last a lifetime can help you be part of the change towards being environmentally aware. We need to move away from disposable products as they are not really disposable, they can take up to 600 years to disintegrate and even then they just turn into microscopic pieces of plastic. These prices end up in our rivers and oceans and get eaten by the fishes and birds. They are killing the animals due to the fact that these animals cannot process plastic and the plastic stays in their stomachs. More and more plastic ends up killing these animals and it’s all our fault. So we need to be part of the change and not the problem.

If we stop buying these products then we can start changing the world. We start forcing big companies to take note and start creating products that don’t kill the animals on this planet.

Choose an item that you use daily and find out if you can use something that does have plastic or harsh chemicals.

It is possible. You just have to trust that it’s ok to let go of brands that you have used and change to different ones that help our planet.

Have you seen my post for an alternative Vicks?

What products do you use? Would you give up your favourite brand and move to a natural product?

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