Vegan Father's day gift guide. -Hacking Parenthood

Vegan Father’s day gift guide. -Hacking Parenthood

Father’s day is on its way and I’m sure you are wondering what to get either your father or hubby for Father’s day?

It’s always so hard to pick something for the men because they are so picky. They are usually set in their ways and never like anything that is a bit out of their box. Then let’s add being vegan into the mix! Well, I’ve scoured Etsy to find you the best vegan gifts for any vegan daddy!

Most Father’s day gift are things like mugs, key rings and some personalised statue that you know he does want. These items are usable and if you really like them you can get some for yourself. Bonus.

1.Vegan Matcha Chocolate– These look so tasty. I might have to buy extra for myself.

2. Cork Strap Watch– Let’s get rid of any old leather watches and just replace them with this one. It looks so natural and ready to wear with whatever ‘outfit’ he chooses to wear.

3. Wooden handle razor– I bet you’ve never thought to get an awesome handle for his razor. It’s making me think that I need one as well. Anyone else like me who gets so fed up with the plastic handles for ladies in the shop.

4. Bath board for Ipad– Ok, this is another one that I can use, but I do know that when my hubby does take a bath then he would love watching tv while bathing. Just perfect.

5. Hand crocheted house slippers– What collection is not complete for a men’s gift guide, if it does not have these hand crocheted house slippers. Every man needs house slippers.

Would you add anything to this list? If you like this list, I have made a Pinnable image collection below for you to like and share and if you want to see a different list for the ladies, see my previous post.

Vegan Father's day gift guide. -Hacking Parenthood

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