Visiting Ronda, Spain with Kids - Hacking Parenthood

Visiting Ronda, Spain with Kids – Hacking Parenthood

Visiting Ronda, Spain with Kids - Hacking Parenthood

Many people say that Ronda is a town that you just do in a day. Personally, I think you need more than a day to really get a feel of this place. Ronda is a small town on top of a hill. 

The most beautiful thing about this place is that where ever you walk, you will be sure to have a view. The views in Ronda are breath taking. 

The views from the roof tops of Ronda to the Spain is hills. It is spectacular. I can see why Hemingway called it the most romantic city. 

Visiting Ronda, Spain with Kids - Hacking Parenthood

We had just over a month to spend in this beautiful city and I don’t regret that at all. This place has so much to offer from museums and churches to delicious ice cream shops and some really cool shops.

Visiting Ronda, Spain with Kids - Hacking Parenthood

Places of Interest:

Plaza de Toros– This is the bull ring of Ronda. This is a very impressive place to visit. For me, it was very morbid. As I sat in the seating area, I could just imagine the hearing of the crowd, in the heat of the sun. A stressed out bull chasing the matador who in turn is hoping not to get hurt. In the end the bull is killed by hand. All for the show of the royals in the royal box. As I sit and imagine that compared to the early quite atmosphere that is in the bull ring, I felt the sadness. History of the town is quite important to learn about. This doesn’t mean all history was right. With a visit none the less, whatever your opinion.

Santa Maria la Mayor– we decided to visit this church on a whim after attempting to visit a different on that was much closer to the place we were staying. As with many catholic churches, this inside is quite spectacular with many alters.



The church itself is quite impressive. We went up some beautiful stone spiral staircases which led to the rooftop. An unexpected view appeared as you reach the top. The view of the rooftops of Ronda and the Spanish hills are just spectacular.

The view from the top of the church.











Museum Lara– Theres no one way to explain this museum of all sorts. From an array of eclectic antiques to witchcraft items. This is a private collection that is most bizarre. You have to chance to try some carriages, see a large antique collection of cameras a recording equipment. Many other items that you should just go see. We went downstairs to an area that had a collection of antique torture equipment. Every corner is just full of something different. If you choose only one museum, then this is the place to go. There will be something for someone. 


Puente Nuevo (The big bridge)- This bridge connects the two parts of Ronda, this bridge impressive. As you cross the bridge, there are areas that you can stop amd look at the view. Make sure you look over both sides of the bridge to have a chance to see more than just one spectacular view.

Puente Arabes (The small bridge)- This bridge is lower down and while walking over you get the view of Ronda from below. Again, it’s so beautiful. I can’t stress enough how beautiful this place is.

View from the small bridge looking up.


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It’s hard to pick the best place to see the beautiful ladnscapes. Two have been my most favourite due to the element of surprise. First was the church of Santa Mari de Mayor. The second was the Mirador De Ronda. As you pass the bull ring and head to the gardens, you walk through the iron gates and the view appears. Each time I see these views my mind flies away with them. Just amazing and worth it.

Food shops.

The best way to save money while away is to do a regular or as close as, grocery shop. This way you don’t end up spending far too much at restaurants. 

Aldi- Really good value.

Super Sol- When you need a bit more than just food. 

Mercado- Large and varied amounts of products.

Various Fruit shops- These a scattered around Ronda and have great selection of fruit and vegetables.


Where we stayed was in a beautiful place in the south side of Ronda right near Plaza Ruedo Alemeda. 

Plaza Rueda Alemeda is a small part of Ronda that has a really family friendly playground with restaurants and little shops around. The playground is great as it is safe and if you do want to, you can have a drink or some lunch in the restaurants while your little ones play.

It’s 10 min walk to the touristy side of the town. It still has its little gems. If my daughter was a bit older we probably would have done a bit of walking alongside of the town, there are a few walk ways that can be done. 

We were there in July/August which was very hot, still manageable. We just adjusted to the locals way of life. Do things before 2pm then go home and have lunch, then if you want to do more things, head out again around 5/6pm when it starts to cool. 

I would recommend you have a car throughout your stay, but it’s not a necessity. We spent the whole month without a car. This does restrict you from visiting the local villages around. We did make a few friends and did a trip to Malaga for a seaside trip. My sister came to visit and we went down to Estopona for a seaside trip.

Be sure to have an umbrella or the beach as it does get very hot, and the umbrella makes it perfect.

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