Why it's so important to have a weekly schedule -Free printables included

Why its so important to have a weekly schedule :: free printable included -Hacking Parenthood

Recently, I have started scheduling my week. I have been less stressed with all the work I have to do. When it’s all on a schedule, I just do everything for that day. When it’s done, I’m done.

The reason I wanted to do a post about this topic, is that it really has been saving me more time and making my workload easier to handle. I look after my wonderful 2-year-old as well as doing most of the household things. I also run this blog. So, how do I do it? Before I started scheduling, life was a little stressful in the way that I never kept track of what I was doing and struggled to have time to ‘not’ do anything. There was always washing to do, posts to like, people to see. Never really stopped. Until now.

I have a different schedule for different parts of my life. I have the ‘Food Plan’, ‘Weekly life’ and ‘Weekly blogging’.

-Food Plan :: It’s been a long time coming with planning my daily food. To be honest, what is in my plan is pretty much what I usually eat, I just never planned it out. Now that I have, I don’t need to think about what I want to eat. It tells me. When I am so busy with other things, it can get really frustrating having to decide what to eat. This leads on to having a basic shopping list of all the items I need and where to get them.

-Weekly life :: This includes when I do the washing, when I see people and when I clean the house. Again, this has stopped me constantly trying to stay on top of things. If it has to be done that day, then that’s the day, if not, I leave it. This is less stressful and helps me enjoy the day.

-Weekly Blogging :: Boy, did I need this one. Blogging can get really overwhelming at many points of the day. From writing posts to liking and sharing facebook posts. Now that it is all in one place and scheduled on a weekly basis. I just need to do what’s needed for the day and then that’s it. Blogging is my business so it can be really hard to switch off, especially if I feel like I have to be working at it all the time. In this case, I need to tell myself that less is more and slowly, slowly wins the race.

Having a schedule helps me not have to think about too many things in the day. When you have a little one and a household to run, this does get stressful and confusing. Have you tried scheduling your day? I have made some minimalistic printables for you to download.

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Free minimalistic printable - Blogging schedule and task optionsfree minimalistic printable- Food Plan and weekly schedule