Why aren't we vegan? -Hacking Parenthood

Why aren’t we vegan? -Hacking Parenthood

Why aren’t we vegan? Why do you eat meat, cheese and drink milk?

The water used to make ONE beef burger is the same as TWO MONTHS of showering. So who is really making the environmental difference on this earth? The pain and suffering of each animal who has to go through the slaughterhouse are what is served to you on your plate. When I see meat, I see pain.

Think about it.

Us as a society think it’s ok that we can take empathy and throw it in the bin. You see this happening everywhere. Even to people. For instance, homeless people. They are also people. Yet some people think it is ok that they get hungry and cold and miserable. We need to open our eyes as a society and see the harm we are doing. Every now and again empathy shows its face in the form of irony. Like when the dog was forced to swim in water for a film and the owners were fined because people got angry. When china has its dog festival and petitions were made against it. People seem to get angry, but then go home and eat their meat and dairy. There is NO difference in what is done. The irony.

Why don’t we ever get to see inside slaughterhouses, well because there is pain and suffering in them that if we could see in them? Massive money making industries would have to start to downsize and they would lose their hold on your idea that eating meat and drinking milk is done in a humane way. It’s not, you are being fooled. The rates of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia… are higher in countries that have a high consumption of meat and dairy.

GRAPHIC THOUGHTS: Let’s put your family and friends in a house, men and woman separated into each room. Babies and children in another. Doctors come in the male’s room, get their sperm into containers. Go to the female room and insert the sperm. The females give birth and the female babies are taken away after 2 days and fed formula, to grow up and become milking mothers. The male babies are taken away and kept in a small space and sold as young meat. The mother’s milk is collected every day to be packaged for other adults to drink. Once the female mother is unable to have any more babies, and no more milk. They go to the slaughterhouse to be made into burger meat. This is what society thinks is humane.

Being vegan is the easy part. There are so many options and alternatives in the shops to make any meat eater think it’s possible. You just have to say no to the pain and cruelty. Say YES to empathy and tasty food. Some of the best burgers and bolognaise are made without meat.

Most common phrase is ‘I couldn’t do that, I love cheese too much’. There is enough vegan cheese out there so satisfy every cheese lover. As a mum, I can’t participate in the sadness of cow breastmilk.


11 different flavours of vegan cheese.
From the lovely http://veganinbrighton.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/veganic-vegan-cheeses.html.

I do have the benefit of living in a country which has more and more options of eating well. Usually, there is at least one option on a menu for me to eat. Means I don’t spend ages on what I want to eat. Vegan options are usually healthy options. The more healthy I am, the better I feel in my body and mind. This is the result for many people that switch over to the vegan lifestyle. Once you start moving away from the sadness, things start changing in your body.



It’s not about giving up cheese and meat, it’s about finding alternatives. Save the world, go vegan!

Why aren't we vegan? -Hacking Parenthood