Why we need some help with modern parenting. -Hacking Parenthood

Why we need some help with modern parenting. -Hacking Parenthood

Why we need some help with modern parenting and a chance to win ‘Positive Discipline’ Course for free.

We are living in an age where we have so many people researching and doing studies. The last 50 years has really brought a lot of ideas and questions out into the open. The way we parent is one of the biggest questions when you become a mum or dad. They are so many ways to parenting. So what do you do? Well, you could just do with your parents did. But then ask yourself, did your parents do with their parents did? Did they like how they were parented? Did they change anything about how they looked after you? This is very important. What I’m trying to get at, is that the last few generations, seem to be all about experimenting with Parenting. With many families struggling with relationships with either their mum or dad, brothers and sisters. We have to ask ourselves, what can we do to help? What can we do to help our children have healthy relationships? Many studies recently have been showing that the way you parent has a really big impact on the way your children will live their adult life. So how are we supposed to discipline?

Many modern societies have families that don’t live in the traditional/old ways. If you look back into the old days where you’d have a bunch of families on the street and everyone looks after the kids and everyone was really pleased with how the children would play and learn skills. You could also look at the tribal families living in the Amazon or in remote parts of Africa or China. There is a lot of freedom given to children, they were made to make their own choices, they were guided but ultimately they were in charge of their own selves. So how do we bring that feeling from the old days and tribal families into a modern society with modern restraints? One thing we need to remember is that we, as parents, are here to guide our children through life with kindness and love. Not fear. Disciplining without fear is the secret to success.

There are two things that I did that really helped me in the way I chose to parents my child, to be confident and to be happy. The first thing was when I was pregnant, I read the book called ‘The continuum concept by Jean Liedloff’. This really helped me decide the type of parent I want to be. It opened my eyes to a new world of parenting. I was not confused anymore.

Though not written as a child-rearing manual, The Continuum Concept has earned a reputation as an excellent resource for parents and parents-to-be who intuitively feel that the parenting “techniques” of the modern era are inherently misguided. It has also been helpful to many adults — parents and non-parents alike — who hope to recover the natural state of happiness lost as a result of the modern child-rearing practices of their well-meaning parents.


The second thing I’ve just recently done was a course on positive discipline. Created by Michelle from Attachment Parenting UK.  My little One who is almost 2, is learning her independence. She is learning that she is in control of her own body and needs. This can make for some stressful days. Before doing this course, I was really starting to question my choice of gentle parenting. I knew I was never going to shout at her but how do I make a do what I wanted.

I read a couple of books and many of them explained how I wanted to be but not what I want needed to do, or it was time-consuming. I don’t have time to read the books as my daughter needs me to have the information now.  I needed something quick, compact and to the point! It is definitely what I got. It was worth it. Even after the first module, i started to feel confident.

Adults teach children in three important ways: The first is by example, the second is by example, the third is by example.

Barbara Nicholson, attached at the heart: eight proven parenting  principles for raising connected and compassionate children

This is a very profound quote, we forget sometimes that we can say a lot of things to our children and they won’t hear it, but they will watch us, how we act, how we do you things, what we say. Do we say please and thank you? Do we apologise when we hurt someone? How do we act when we get angry? We can tell our children till they blue in the face to say that pleases and thank yous but that won’t change anything. They need to hear it from us they need to see our actions and how we choose to react.

Alongside an insightful parenting questionnaire to help you understand your current approach to discipline, this course addresses hot topics such as brain development, setting boundaries, tantrums, threats, rewards, praise, aggression, siblings and nighttime parenting.

As a parent, you are never too old to learn a new way to help your children, understand and know that you love them unconditionally. Children are innately good, and when they act bad, you have to assess yourself and the situation. They act ‘badly” usually because they are scared, confused, worried.

There are many reasons why children react in ways we think are bad.

“Children live the world of our feelings”

One day, what they do is fine, the next day they are annoying. This was so true in my case. After doing this course, I feel more confident in my parenting skills. I’m more confident which means my daughter is more confident around me.

I now know my boundaries and understand better ways to deal with situations based on studies and research.I did the first few modules, and that day I was so relaxed with my daughter and could parent confidently. So read the book, which will give you the basis of why you should think of parenting gently and parenting with respect. If you have already or already parent gently then, do the course, I’m not saying you can’t find all the same information scattered around the internet. You can, but you can spend a lot of time reading articles and books, trying to figure out how to deal with your toddler. Doing the course is all you really need to know in a compact and easy package.

As a gentle vegan parent, I don’t accept many products to try. But this is a product parents’ need to know about. We need to bring up our children in a healthy, mentally and physically aware way. It is our responsibility to create self-confident and independent adults. There is no two ways about it.

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You can find this course here.

Why we need some help with modern parenting. -Hacking Parenthood



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