Do we really need zoos? -Hacking Parenthood

Do we really need zoos? -Hacking Parenthood

What a lovely day out for our little ones, learning about the animal of the world. Showing a new appreciation for the wildlife. This would make sense to a little child of the 80s. Who didn’t have access to things like ‘THE INTERNET” Think about it? We just have to open our phones and we have access to almost every animal on the planet. Videos, pictures of animals in their natural habitat. So why do we have to still go to places where animals are looked after in captivity.

When I visit a zoo, all I see is the poor creatures in tiny areas (compared to their natural habitat which is usually 18000% bigger). All this so that little people can see them quickly and easily. Zoos don’t educate, most of the time you read the name of the animal on a board and where they originate from. That’s not learning. type that into google and you see the same thing. An animal in captivity is not something that a child should learn from. Go home and watch planet earth to get a feeling of real life habitats in the comfort of your own country.

You need to realise that Zoos only care about one thing the most. It’s the money. Money drives them. When zoos have little baby animals, they make more profit. When the babies grow, they’re not as popular. So they get sold and traded or loaned. Then if there is a surplus of animals. They get killed off. This doesn’t sound like saving animals.

70% of elephants that are captive in European zoos come from the wild.

But they’re there to help with conservation. Nope, this is a myth that the zoo’s want us all to believe. Most of the animals that the zoos look after aren’t in danger. Most of the time zoos favour the popular animals which aren’t even on the list of endangered species and they tend to neglect the ones that really need the help, the unpopular animals that don’t make money. More money seems to be spent on the enclosures than on the animals actual habitat. London zoo spent £5.3 million on a gorilla enclosure. It’s a business hiding behind the view that they are really helping the animals. Those animals tend to live shorter lives due to being held in captivity. This is wrong on so many levels. We need to teach our children that to keep these animals in cages is wrong.

I have learnt more about animals and their wonders from documentaries than I ever did when I went to zoos as a kid. All it was, was a day out of the house. All that sadness and cruelty just for a day out. Think again about going to a zoo.

Why not go to a local sanctuary or watch a documentary and learn about this world.

Do we really need zoos? -Hacking Parenthood